July 18 - August 4; September 11 - September 22, 2022

A Jewish village dating to the Roman period in the Golan

Help excavate the ancient rural settlement of Majduliyya in the Golan. The main occupation level is from a Jewish village dating to the Roman period (1st–early 4th centuries C.E.). A smaller later occupation dates to the Medieval period. The main goal of this excavation is to characterize, examine, and research the daily life of the common people in a rural setting and the socio-economic relationships with the surrounding settlements.

In the coming season, the team will expand the excavation of the Roman-period synagogue, including a mosaic floor and auxiliary rooms to the north. They will also excavate in the area of a pottery kiln, where evidence for the production of common cooking vessels was uncovered. In addition, they will dig in residential areas in the middle of the settlement and on the northern slope as well as olive presses on the outskirts of the site.


Geographic Location

Golan, Northern Israel

Dates of the Dig

July 18 - August 4; September 11 - September 22, 2022

Minimum Stay

1 Week

Application Due

Thursday, March 21, 2022

Academic Credit/Cost per Credit/Institution

Credit is offered. Contact for details.


Participants can find accommodations in the area of the excavation. The team suggests the Natura Ecological Farm which offers a discount for participants (https://bit.ly/34RZxLl). The excavation will help with transportation to and from the dig site. Breakfast will be provided at the site.


$250 per week


Mechael Osband: University of Haifa.


Dr. Mickey Osband
[email protected]

To learn how you can get involved, visit their Facebook page.