Idalion (Cyprus)

June 17 - July 15, 2024

Explore Cosmopolitan Cyprus

Cities in Cyprus were cosmopolitan, trading in copper to the Aegean, Egypt, and Mesopotamia from the 20th century BCE until the close of the Cyprus Mines Corp. in 1960 CE. Among the city kingdoms of Iron Age Cyprus, Idalion was the first in the Assyrian lists of Copper trading cities in Cyprus. Help us apply the latest digital methods to piece together the history of this fascinating and important ancient metropolis.

The 2024 season of the American Expedition to Idalion will be a short season focused on removing baulks in two of the previously excavated fields not dug since Covid. There will be much orientation, and strict stratigraphic attention to aligning visible soil changes with legacy data, while employing digital recording techniques in the field using OCHRE, the University of Chicago’s platform for digital research. Associate Director Andrew Wright will oversee this aspect of the work. Associate Director Valerie Woelfel will conduct the GIS aspects of the project. All volunteers and students will be introduced to all techniques. Director Pamela Gaber will be overall excavation coordinator and presenter of Idalion’s place in history.


Geographic Location


Dates of the Dig

June 17 - July 15, 2024

Minimum Stay

2 Weeks

Application Due

Saturday, June 1, 2024 (flexible)


Costs cover room, board, and excavation instruction. There are field trips available for additional fees each weekend.


$2700 for the full 4 weeks, or $750 per week for 2 or 3 weeks.


Dr. Gaber

[email protected]

914-525-7601 is available for messages using Messenger or WhatsApp.

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