Antiochia ad Cragum (Turkey)

Session I: June 15–July 14; Session II July 15–August 12, 2023

Dig Roman Turkey

Join the Antiochia ad Cragum Archaeological Research Project for its archaeological field school in 2023. Antiochia ad Cragum is located on the south-central coast of Turkey in ancient Rough Cilicia. Located near pre-Roman pirate havens, the city was founded in the first century CE and flourished under direct Roman rule during the later Roman Empire.

Volunteers work inside a first-century CE Roman bath that may have served as an execution site, where several ancient victims of trauma have been found. This dramatic scene is juxtaposed against mosaics; a colonnaded street; and a Byzantine-era quarter on the city’s acropolis. Participants in the field school will learn comprehensive archaeological methods, including excavation and recording, mapping, surveying, object photography, and basic conservation techniques. The ancient city is magnificently situated on sloping ground that descends from the Taurus Mountain range down to the sea, protected on several sides by cliffs and steep slopes that plummet to the sea below.

There will be weekend organized excursions to nearby archaeological sites, including Perge, Aspendos, Side, Anamurium, Alanya, and Lamos.



Geographic Location

South Mediterranean Coast, Turkey

Dates of the Dig

Session I: June 15–July 14; Session II July 15–August 12, 2023

Minimum Stay

1 Session

Application Due

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Academic Credit/Cost per Credit/Institution

3 credits are offered by the University of Nebraska. $777/3 credits for residents and $2470/3 credits for non residents


Contact for more details


$2600 per session for students and $2900 for non students


Michael Hoff: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Rhys Townsend: Clark University

Ece Erdogmus: University of Nebraska

Birol Can: Usak University

Tim Howe: St. Olaf College


Michael Hoff
[email protected]

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