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Explore Biblical Archaeology Review's content while you are practicing social distancing

This is a difficult time for all of us. One of the things that is being asked of many of us is to stay home, as physically distant from friends and neighbors as possible. Especially for the active, curious minds of our followers, this is a challenge.

Biblical Archaeology Society would like to help.

As always, there is a wealth of content available on our open, free website Use the search bar to find your favorite biblical topics or archaeological topics from the lands of the Bible. You may be surprised at how much you find to read and explore.

As a special bonus, we’ve opened up the current issue of Biblical Archaeology Review for you to dive into. One of the most interesting recent debates in biblical archaeology is over the location of ancient Bethsaida. Read articles from dig directors at both sites: the site that has been thought by many to be Bethsaida for many years, and at the newest site that may have a legitimate claim. Explore the mystery of female skeletons at what has always been thought to be a celibate, male community of Essenes at Qumran. Learn about the type of Egyptian structures referenced in the Book of Exodus as being built by the Israelite slaves. Examine when literacy emerged in Judah, search for Judean refugees in the Galilee, and analyze interpretations of the biblical figures of Eve and Aseneth. Read an interview with Pnina Shor of the Israel Antiquities Authority. Click here to dive right in.

Bible Review 2001We’ve also opened up an issue of Bible Review, our publication of Bible study and textual interpretation, for your perusal. For 20 years, Bible Review entertained and enlightened a devoted audience. All of those issues live on in the BAS Library. Click here to read Bible Review.

We hope that this helps to keep you engaged in the midst of this difficult time. And if you need more, we always welcome your subscription. Digital only or All Access, both give full online access to the more than 9,000 articles we’ve published since 1975. And All Access gets you a print edition of the magazine sent straight to you in the comfort of your own home. Your patronage is always very important to us, now more than ever. Not a BAS Library or All-Access Member yet? Join today.

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