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As Bible History Daily readers, you are part of a community of people who have an imperishable enthusiasm for Biblical studies and the archaeology of the Biblical lands. We at BAS aim to keep you informed and entertained by providing the latest Biblical archaeology news along with information about the scholarship presented in the pages of Biblical Archaeology Review. We report on the latest insights, debates and discoveries while maintaining balances between Hebrew Bible and New Testament topics and those of Biblical and neighboring cultures. Certain subjects, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls or the recent forgery trial, have ignited wonderful debates, and we aim to keep our readers up-to-date and involved in the discussions.

Most importantly, this is a community, and we encourage your involvement. So please, if you have favorite topics or posts, comment on them, ask questions and let us know what you’d like to see. Often Bible History Daily posts are discussions and summaries of content from Biblical Archaeology Review. If you want to read over 35 years of original scholarship in BAR, Bible Review and Archaeology Odyssey, it is all waiting for you in the BAS Library.

We are lucky to have such a great depth of scholarly content to draw from, and even more lucky to have such an interesting and interested readership. We would love to hear more from you. If you would be generous enough to go back to your favorite BHD articles and provide comments, questions and subjects that you’d like to explore, we will do our best to provide you with the resources that you need.

Thank you for reading and sharing my enthusiasm for archaeology, Biblical scholarship and the ancient world.

Noah Wiener
BAS Web Editor

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