Turkish Authorities Claim to Have Seized Early Biblical Text

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Turkish media outlets report that Turkey is in possession of a 1,500-year-old Biblical text that was seized by police in 2000 during a raid on a smuggling operation. The text, which is written in Syriac on bounded leather sheets, is currently being held and studied by the Ankara Ethnography Museum, and some reports claim that the Vatican has also submitted an official request to examine the manuscript. While there are few details on the book’s contents, some reports indicate that it may be a copy of the apocryphal Gospel of Barnabas.

Turkish media outlets report that Turkey is in possession of a 1,500-year-old Biblical text that was seized by police in 2000 during a raid on a smuggling operation.


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  • B.Ahmed says

    Non believer will never believe. I ask all Christian Scholars why They are deaf,dumb & blind that they very well know Holy Quran does not clash with Science.
    Why Christian Never accepted St.barnabas Gospel which was propagated in 6th Century.
    Why they rejected the Gospel of Barnabas, Why Bible is full of errors?
    Who Islam is spreading fast.Why Athiests & scientists & highly educated have accepted Islam,.
    Holy Quran is both book of Signs & sciences.
    Christian says world is about 6 Thousand years old. But Holy Quran agrees with Science
    The universe may be billion years old.
    Please Read the Holy Quran & science to develope your Knowledge.
    Barnabas is a Saint & honest person & Holy Prophet Mohammad is the Most Holy Prophet, a Messenger and Servant of ALMIGHTY GOD. Muslims truly following the Religion of Holy Abraham.

  • Luke says

    Today, Turkey blocked access to my site, the same day that the Kindle version of the novel A Deceit To Die For, which deals with the Gospel of Barnabas conspiracy, became available. Blocking the site before the book has even been released seems to suggest that somebody doesn’t want Turks to read about it. It’s sad, but with the Islamist AKP in charge and dozens of journalists languishing in prison, it is not surprising. I spent five years researching the G.O.B., traveled to Vienna, where the only complete copy of the Gospel of Barnabas is found, and read everything I could get my hands on to make the history in the novel as accurate as possible. Must have gotten too close to the truth.

  • Robert says

    Re: A History of Horses. I find it very stange that whilst the author concentrates on horses, she says charioteering was central to the use of hoses. Yet there is almost nothing about chariots or evidence for them in her writings. Robert Feather < London

  • Luke says

    An explosive and courageous novel – a first of its kind – addresses this very issue and the Muslim, especially Turkish, obsession with the Gospel of Barnabas. If you’re looking for a good read, this meticulously researched book by Islamic expert Luke Montgomery will keep you on the edge of your seat. A Deceit To Die For will be available on Kindle this week. Don’t miss it. http://www.lukemontgomery.net

  • Lindert says

    If it is indeed a copy of the Gospel of Barnabas and 15 centuries old (which I highly doubt), then this would be huge news, as that ‘gospel’ is thought to be of from the 14th century or later and contains many Islamic concepts, including mentions of Muhammad.

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