Top 10 Archaeological Finds in 2013

Take a look at the year's most important Biblical archaeology discoveries

Tel Kabri's Katie David and Marielle Velandar.

As we ring in the New Year, archaeologists are already eyeing the calendar to prepare for next summer’s field season. Here at the Biblical Archaeology Society, we are looking forward to sharing a new year of archaeological finds with our online community in 2014. The New Year is a time to reflect, and we’ve put together a list of the top ten Biblical archaeology finds from 2013. We would love to hear which archaeology finds were most interesting for our readers, so please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

**The stories below are listed in no particular order and all are available for free in Bible History Daily**

Rare Egyptian Sphinx Fragment Discovered at Hazor
For more on the Hazor excavations, read the Bible History Daily feature Hazor Excavations’ Amnon Ben-Tor Reveals Who Conquered Biblical Canaanites.

Jerusalem’s Earliest Alphabetic Text
A recent reading of the inscribed pottery fragment suggests that it refers to a cheap type of wine.

Legio: Excavations at the Camp of the Roman Sixth Ferrata Legion in Israel
A web-exclusive report on the discovery of the Roman military camp by the excavation directors.

Eshtaol Excavations Reveal the Oldest House in the Shephelah

Hierapolis and the Gateway to Hell

One of Civilization’s Oldest Wine Cellars? Tel Kabri Cellar Held Equivalent of Nearly 3,000 Bottles of Reds and Whites
I’ll admit a personal interest in this story–I took part in the Tel Kabri excavations this year. Learn more about the Minoan-style frescoes at Kabri, or visit the BAS Tel Kabri page for posts and photos on the 2013 field season published directly from the field.

A Monumental Underwater Structure in the Sea of Galilee

The Ophel Treasure: A “once-in-a-lifetime discovery” at the foot of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

King David’s Palace at Khirbet Qeiyafa?
For more on the monumental building uncovered in final season at Khirbet Qeiyafa, read the Bible History Daily feature Khirbet Qeiyafa and Tel Lachish Excavations Explore Early Kingdom of Judah.

Bronze Age Collapse: Pollen Study Highlights Late Bronze Age Drought

Our free eBook Ten Top Biblical Archaeology Discoveries brings together the exciting worlds of archaeology and the Bible! Learn the fascinating insights gained from artifacts and ruins, like the Pool of Siloam in Jerusalem, where the Gospel of John says Jesus miraculously restored the sight of the blind man, and the Tel Dan inscription—the first historical evidence of King David outside the Bible.

2013 was a thrilling year for Biblical archaeologists, and the discoveries listed above were certainly not the only important archaeological finds of the year. Take a look at these additional archaeological finds uncovered in 2013:

New Huqoq Mosaics: Huqoq synagogue in Israel reveals additional depictions of Samson in the Bible

Hasmonean Jerusalem Exposed in Time for Hanukkah: Hasmonean era no longer absent from Jerusalem’s archaeological record

Mikveh Discovery Highlights Ritual Bathing in Second Temple Period Jerusalem

Private Lives of Jerusalem Elites Revealed in Mt. Zion Excavations

Hidden from View: New Jerusalem discovery may evidence starvation during Roman siege

Roman Curse Tablet Uncovered in Jerusalem’s City of David

Think these archaeological finds should have been included in the top ten? Please share your thoughts in the discussion section below.

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