The Tomb of the Egyptian General Who Reconquered Jaffa

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Objects from the Egyptian General Djehuty's Tomb. Credit: Ahram Online.

Excavations at Djehuty’s tomb in Luxor (Egpyt) have uncovered a child’s sarcophagus along with collections of pottery and wrapped and carved Ushabti figurines. Djehuty is Thutmose III’s famous 15th-century B.C.E. general who sneaks into Joppa (Jaffa/Tel Aviv) in the Egyptian story “The Capture of Joppa,” a tale that is reminiscent of the Greek Trojan Horse. Djehuty’s tomb includes inscriptions with the names of both Hatshepsut and Thutmosis III, suggesting that he served as a general for both pharaohs. Archaeologists working on the project state that the sarcophagus belongs to a child who died during the 17th Dynasty, while the Ushabti figurines date to the 18th Dynasty, the period in which Djehuty lived and served as a general.

Read more in Ahram Online.

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