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In Search of Christian Origins
In Search of Christian Origins

$119.97 (Reg. $199.95)

In his masterful ten-part DVD study course In Search of Christian Origins, the dynamic and engaging James Charlesworth of Princeton Theological Seminary asks two fundamental questions: How did the Palestinian Jesus Movement develop within the vibrant but highly factionalized world of Second Temple Judaism? And how did this once obscure and insignificant sect evolve into a movement that was able to not only expand far beyond its Jewish roots, but also become the dominant religion of the Roman Empire under Constantine the Great? Learn the context of Jesus’ life, from Jewish factionalism to perceptions of his resurrection. How did early believers like Paul and the Evangelists maintain their connection to Judaism even after Jesus’ death? What varieties of Christianity developed across the Mediterranean world, and what philosophical and theological debates transformed Jesus’ movement into Christianity? These questions are addressed in an easy-to-absorb format, illustrated with helpful maps, plans and stunning color photographs. Also included with In Search of Christian Origins are instructive readings, timelines and maps that will deepen your understanding of the historical Jesus, Early Christianity and the New Testament.

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Dead Sea Scrolls, Bible and Covenant
Dead Sea Scrolls, Bible and Covenant

Now $119.97 (Reg. $199.95)

Dead Sea Scrolls, Bible and Covenant presents lectures from the Biblical Archaeology Society’s Seminar at St. Olaf College. Enjoy a front-row seat in the lecture hall as James H. Charlesworth (Princeton Theological Seminary) and Henry W. R. Rietz (Grinnell College) explore the significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the settlement at Qumran, the development of Biblical texts and the meaning of covenantal relationships. After introducing the contexts for Qumran and the Scrolls, the speakers discuss diverse topics from the shaping of Biblical identities to understanding the texts and contemporary theology at Qumran during the time of Jesus. This informative five-part series provides 20 fascinating and easy-to-follow lectures, as well as access to additional reading materials that further enhance your understanding of the subject. Each lecture is approximately 1 hour long.

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