New Egyptian Antiquities Chief Named

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The Egyptian press announced last week that Mohamed Abdel Fattah, the former head of the antiquities sector of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, has been named the council’s secretary general. Abdel Fattah takes over the position long held by the flamboyant and controversial Zahi Hawass,* who was ousted as Egypt’s antiquities chief in a cabinet reshuffle in late July.

Unlike Hawass, who was named minister of state for antiquities in the waning days of the Mubarak regime, Abdel Fattah will not hold a cabinet position, since Egypt has returned the antiquities council to its former status as the country’s chief antiquities body. Abdel Fattah told the Egyptian newspaper Al Masry Al Youm that he aims to resolve lingering disagreements among the council’s leadership and root out corruption.


Mohamed Abdel Fattah, the former head of the antiquities sector of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, has been named the council’s secretary general.

*Hershel Shanks, “Egypt’s Chief Archaeologist Defends His Rights (and Wrongs),” BAR, May/June 2011.

Read more about Abdel Fattah’s appointment.

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  • Penny says

    To the new head of Antiquity’s. How many discovered of prehistoric consequences did Mr Hawass cover up.! Or downright distroy becuss he didn’t like them. Perhaps ur first responsibility to the eqyptian people is to re is it and find what has been hidden from light becus it might be controversial.! The pyrimids were clearly not tombs. Since no Kings were ever there. Research why they were built ! Many theory’s are out there. The most plausible being a power plant.! Today’s society is delusional if we are so egotistical to think that we were the first generations on earth to invent power. It is you scholars and egyption archeologist who must find and prove or disprove your own ancient history. 5000 years from now what will be taught of us if they only find a large apartment building?? It is up to you to be the one to find the truth.!!

  • Jan says

    Jan says: Whatever Hawass’ faults, he was a magnificent showman and brought much needed publicity to a country that as very little going for it other than its marvelous antiquitiesand architecture. How this so-called new government (brotherhood) can allow some of its stupid citizenry to destroy same is beyond me. How President Obama, in his questionable intelligence can support them is a tragedy.

  • Jess says

    Hawass brought enthusiasm and excitement to archeology in Egypt. He will be missed along with his famous hat.

  • Scott says

    To me, Hawass was a horrible example for Egypt, Egytpology, and Academia. A disgrace by his childish conduct. SO thoroughly delighted to see him gone. Hope I never see or hear from him again. The new guy can only be an improvement. bout time!

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