Jerusalem Cabinet Invests in Biblical Sites in Jerusalem

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Jerusalem’s ministers approved a 350 million shekel (over $90 million) project to develop and renovate infrastructure in the city’s Biblical and other heritage sites. The special cabinet meeting Sunday was held on Jerusalem’s Ammunition Hill, commemorating the 45th anniversary of the reunification of the city in the Six-Day War. The seven-year Jerusalem tourist initiative includes renovations to the Mount of Olives Cemetery and the slopes of Mount Scopus, as well as development of the Ammunition Hill memorial itself. The development project involves a large tourism element along with infrastructural improvements, and city representatives seem enthusiastic about gains in tourist revenue. The preservation of Biblical sites in Jerusalem includes the protection of 15,000 graves at the Mount of Olives Cemetery, along with a diverse range of other projects.

Ammunition hill

Sunday’s Jerusalem Cabinet meeting at the Ammunition Hill Memorial led to the approval of a major initiative to improve tourism by preserving Biblical sites in Jerusalem.

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