IAA Launches App with Archaeology Games


Dig Quest: Israel is available for download in the App Store on iPhones and iPads.

Today, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) released an app for iPhones and iPads with archaeology games and puzzles. Called Dig Quest: Israel, the free app lets you embark on two archaeology adventures: uncover the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Qumran caves and excavate the famous Roman mosaic at Lod.

While the app is geared toward kids, adults will surely find it fun to piece together fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls, listen in Hebrew to excerpts from the scrolls and take the fast-paced quizzes on what’s depicted in the Lod Mosaic. According to the app’s description, the games “were developed in collaboration with the IAA’s team of pre-eminent archaeologists, scholars and researchers.”

Back in December 2012, the IAA teamed up with Google to launch The Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library, a website where you can view and search thousands of digitized images of Dead Sea Scroll fragments.

For more on this priceless collection of ancient manuscripts, visit the Dead Sea Scrolls study page in Bible History Daily.

Update: According to an IAA press release, more games will be added, and an Android version of the app will be in development.


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