Greco-Roman Tombs Uncovered in Alexandria

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Newly-discovered Greco-Roman Tombs in Alexandria.

Excavations in Alexandria recently uncovered two-story tomb remains in the city’s Hellenistic and Roman-era necropolis. Discovered during a routine excavation before the creation of an urban construction zone, the tombs would have held the remains of the city’s non-elite populace. Nearby excavations in 1998 uncovered 37 additional tombs in another section of the cemetery, including one with an elegant bed-shaped coffin. Despite being partially submerged under water, the newly-discovered tombs feature well-preserved engravings that will provide insights into the Hellenic burial practices in the Egyptian city. The Greek historian Strabo described Alexandria’s necropolis as a network of tombs when he visited the city in the first century B.C.E., suggesting that there is more to be uncovered.

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