D.C.-Area Archaeology Event: Petra—A Journey Through Time, Space and Our Imaginations

petra2On Wednesday, March 16, 2016, Dr. Christopher Tuttle, Executive Director of the Council of American Overseas Research Centers, will deliver the lecture “Petra—A Journey Through Time, Space and Our Imaginations” in the Washington, D.C. area. The event is hosted by the Biblical Archaeology Society of Northern Virginia (BASONOVA) and Biblical Archaeology Forum (BAF).

Petra, “the rose red city half as old as time,” has captured our imaginations since it was re-identified in 1812. Millions of people have visited this ancient city in Jordan during the last two centuries and marveled at the iconic rock-carved monuments, such as the ‘Treasury’ (al-Khazneh) and the ‘Monastery’ (ad-Deir). But what do we really know about this ancient capital city, the Nabataean people who built it, and the diverse peoples who have engaged with it through time? What roles has the city played in our history, imaginations, and the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths? This presentation will lead you on a journey into Petra and its history in order to explore some of these larger questions through the lenses provided by 200 hundred years of scholarship.

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Other than Israel, no country has as many Biblical sites and associations as Jordan: Mount Nebo, from where Moses gazed at the Promised Land; Bethany beyond the Jordan, where John baptized Jesus; Lot’s Cave, where Lot and his daughters sought refuge after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah; and many more. Travel with us on our journey into the past in our free eBook Exploring Jordan.


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