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The Washington, D.C.-area Biblical Archaeology Forum (BAF) will host the lecture “Carthage and the Forgotten Phoenicians in the Ancient Mediterranean” by Brien Garnand on December 14, 2016. Not in the D.C. area? The Biblical Archaeology Society offers a wide range of travel/study programs in the United States and across the globe.

On Wednesday, December 14, 2016, Brien Garnand, Assistant Professor of Classics at Howard University, will deliver the lecture “Carthage and the Forgotten Phoenicians in the Ancient Mediterranean.”

We often hear of conflict with Phoenicians—ancient Israelites fought against them (i.e. Canaanites) for control of the southern Levant; Greeks competed against them across the entire Mediterranean; and Rome fought three protracted Phoenician (Punic) Wars, nearly losing their empire to Hannibal—yet we rarely hear of Phoenician civilization.

Tyre and Sidon in Lebanon sent settlers westward as far as Spain and Morocco, spreading alphabetic literacy, expanding trade networks, and establishing urban centers. Their colonists at Carthage competed as equals against Greek colonists at Cyrene in Libya; those from Motya and Palermo competed against Syracuse in Sicily.

Perhaps we can attribute their exclusion from the ranks of the civilized to an overly credulous reading of hostile ancient sources; perhaps to modern scholars who have let racism (or Orientalism) cloud their assessment of Semitic cities; or, perhaps to allegations of ritual infanticide that present their culture as depraved.

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