Byzantine Wine Press Uncovered in Israel

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Byzantine Wine Press. Photo: Israel Antiquities Authority

The Israel Antiquities Authority announced the discovery of a massive Byzantine wine press near Hamei Yo’av. Archaeologists excavating the 1,000-square-foot wine press found a decorative ceramic lantern nearby. The early Christian lantern is shaped like a miniature church and is decorated with five crosses; when lit, it would project cross-shaped illuminations.

The Byzantine settlement’s wine press includes six fermentation compartments and a large, sloping treading floor that is connected to a settling vat and collecting pits with lead pipes. The settlement is located along the ancient road to the port at Ashkelon, where the wine would be shipped across the Mediterranean.

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A ceramic lantern with cross-shaped decorations was uncovered at the Hamei Yo'av excavations. Photo: Israel Antiquities Authority

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