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How Do I Install the BAR App?

It’s easy—Tablet Edition subscribers just need to use the password listed on the My Account page.


iPad Instructions

The BAR app will look like this on your tablet device.

1) Purchase a subscription to the BAR Tablet Edition on the BAS site. (Single issues and subscriptions can also be purchased within the app. However, buying via the BAS site will enable you to access the Tablet Edition on the computer or an additional tablet device.)

2) Search for Biblical Archaeology Review in the Apple App Store. Download and install the free app (using your Apple ID password when prompted).

3) The app will be added to your iPad. On the iPad home screen, the app will appear with the BAS logo (see image above).

4) Tap on the icon on your browser to open the app.

5) Tap the lock in the upper right corner of the screen (circled in red in the image below).


To log into the app, tap on the lock icon (circled in red) and enter your email address and special app password.

6) Log in with your email address and the special app password listed in your My Account page.

7) Tap the download button below any issue. Once the download is complete, tap the issue to view. Enjoy!


Android/Kindle Instructions

bar-200th-issue*Note: The app may appear differently on different Android-based devices. If you would like to test the device on your tablet before purchasing a subscription, download the app and the free 200th issue (The 200th issue has a white border—see image right).*

1) Purchase a subscription to the BAR Tablet Edition on the BAS site.

2) Search for Biblical Archaeology Review in the Google Play or Kindle Fire App Store. Download and install the free app.

3) The app will appear on your device as the icon shown above.

4) Open the app and click the down arrow on the cover of an issue.

5) Log in with your email address and the special app password listed in your My Account page.

6) Once logged in, tap an issue to view its contents, and tap the “download now” button to read the magazine. You’ll see a loading bar appear across the issue—once the download is complete, tap the cover again. Enjoy!

Tap the down arrow on an issue cover to log in.


How do I use the BAR app?

Reading BAR on an iPad, Kindle Fire or Android device is an intuitive process. However, we’ve included a few extra features to make your reading experience as enjoyable as possible.

Once you have downloaded an issue of BAR, you’ll see a screen with some instructions on how to use the app. Here are some of the most important highlights:

Tap once on the screen to pull up the toolbar (the most important tool—read more below).

Pinch the screen or tap twice to zoom in or out for a closer look at the pictures or text.

Slide your finger left or right to go to the previous or next page.

Any glowing box is a link (on an article title, etc.). These are extremely useful. Click from the Table of Contents right to the article you want, or click a URL to pull up a website.

• Want to read an article without having to navigate between pages? Click on the glowing box around an article’s title to pull up the article’s plain text. Once there, you have the option to adjust the text size.

• Tap the top-right corner to create a favorite page.

The toolbar has many useful features, including a navigable contents menu. Tap the screen once to pull up the toolbar.

The best way to get around the app is with the toolbar. Remember, just tap the screen once to bring up the toolbar. The toolbar includes:

Issues: Tap here to go from the current issue back to the list of BAR issues.

Pages: Tap here to go from issues back to individual magazine pages.

Thumbs: Tap this to see small thumbnails of all of the pages in the issue you have open.

Menu: Tap here to pull up a helpful menu, including a help screen showing you how to use the app again.

Contents: Tap to see a fully clickable Table of Contents.

Advertisers: Saw an interesting ad in BAR? Learn more.

Search: Find your favorite topics, in this issue or throughout your digital collection.

Click on any article in the table of contents to go right to that page.

Tap an article’s title to bring up the plain, easy to read text without having to scroll between pages.

A subscription not only includes the latest issues; it also includes complimentary, optimized digital issues since January 2011.

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