An Archaeological Journey from Genesis through Jesus

The brand-new two-volume 40 by 40 celebrates BAR’s 40th Anniversary

7H5M1SIn the aptly titled 40 by 40, a brand-new publication from the Biblical Archaeology Society, 40 articles from Biblical Archaeology Review have been hand-picked by editor Hershel Shanks to honor the 40th anniversary of the world’s largest magazine specializing in the field of Biblical archaeology.

Starting with Genesis, the chapters in 40 by 40 follow chronologically to the early Christian period. This commemorative two-volume collection contains fascinating material covering the founding families of the Bible through the early Christian period—and almost everything in between. The wide array of topics includes Biblical history and archaeology, the Exodus, Jerusalem archaeology, Solomon’s Temple, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the world of Jesus and much more.

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40 by 40 is authored by the world’s leading Biblical archaeologists and scholars writing about what they know best. It is carefully edited with an introduction by Hershel Shanks for each chapter and is lavishly illustrated in full color with stunning pictures of artifacts, excavations and maps. Extensive captions explain the images in great depth. This book is an appropriate supplementary textbook for Bible, Biblical archaeology and history courses, and is also a fascinating read for interested laypersons—meaningful and enjoyable.

Some of the academic superstars featured in 40 by 40 are: Nahman Avigad, Gabriel Barkay, Amnon Ben-Tor, Frank Moore Cross, Trude Dothan, Orly Goldwasser, André Lemaire, Thomas E. Levy, Eilat Mazar, Lawrence E. Stager, Ephraim Stern, David Ussishkin and Győző Vörös.

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