The Adam and Eve Story: Eve Came From Where?

Adam and Eve in the Bible

“So the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and he slept; then he took one of his ribs and closed up its place with flesh. And the rib that the Lord God had taken from the man he made into a woman and brought her to the man.”
—Genesis 2:21–22, NRSV


ADAM AND EVE IN THE BIBLE. This mosaic from the Cathedral of Monreale, Sicily, depicts the creation of woman in the Bible. Eve is shown emerging from Adam’s side. Most translations of the Adam and Eve story say that Eve was created from Adam’s rib, but Ziony Zevit contends that she was created from a very different part of Adam’s body.

According to the Bible’s creation account, after making the heavens and the earth, God created humankind. The Adam and Eve story in Genesis 2 states that God formed Adam out of the dust of the ground, and then Eve was created from one of Adam’s ribs. But was it really his rib?

The Hebrew word that is traditionally translated as “rib” is tsela‘. Ziony Zevit, Distinguished Professor of Biblical Literature and Northwest Semitic Languages at American Jewish University in Bel-Air, California, believes that this translation is wrong, as do many scholars. It was first translated as “rib” in the Septuagint, a Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible from the mid-third century B.C.E. However, a more careful reading of the Hebrew word for “rib” in the Adam and Eve story suggests that Eve was created from another, very different, part of Adam’s anatomy—his os baculum (penis bone).

Zevit carefully examines the account of the creation of woman in the Bible in his article “Was Eve Made from Adam’s Rib—or His Baculum?” which appears in the September/October 2015 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review.

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Of the 40 appearances of tsela‘ in the Bible, the Adam and Eve story is the only place where it is translated as “rib.” Usually it means the side of something. Zevit explains the nuance of this word:

This Hebrew word occurs some 40 times in the Hebrew Bible, where it refers to the side of a building or of an altar or ark (Exodus 25:12; 26:20, 26; 1 Kings 6:34), a side-chamber (1 Kings 6:8; Ezekiel 41:6), or a branch of a mountain (2 Samuel 16:13). In each of these instances, it refers to something off-center, lateral to a main structure. The only place where tsela‘ might be construed as referring to a rib that branches off from the spinal cord is in Genesis 2:21–22.

According to Zevit, “rib” is the wrong translation for tsela‘ in the Adam and Eve story in the Bible. Zevit believes that tsela‘ should be translated as “a non-specific, general term,” such as one of Adam’s lateral limbs, in the Adam and Eve story. Thus, it refers to “limbs lateral to the vertical axis of an erect human body: hands, feet, or, in the case of males, the penis.”

Which of these lateral limbs lacks a bone? Human males do not have a penis bone, but many mammals do. Zevit concludes that in the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible, the woman was created from the man’s baculum to explain why this appendage does not have a bone.

To see Ziony Zevit’s full explanation of the Adam and Eve story in the Bible, read his article “Was Eve Made from Adam’s Rib—or His Baculum?” in the September/October 2015 issue of BAR.


BAS Library Members: Read the full article “Was Eve Made from Adam’s Rib—or His Baculum?” by Ziony Zevit in the September/October 2015 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review.

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This Bible History Daily feature was originally published on September 15, 2015.


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95 Responses

  1. None says:

    My believe is man was created from Eve
    Rib meaning stomach. A man is here to help the woman. Take women out this world and see how men reproduce. All mam came from a woman. Example Mary had Jesus and good send man to help raise Jesus. In the book of Genesis I believe man rewrite the true story. If you all believe in God he will revail the truth of his creations.

  2. Joe Smith says:

    Surely no matter which part of Man was used for the creation of Eve – Adam would have been the only person minus that part right? The offspring would have had all the parts in place because that was already written into Adams genetic encoding. An Amputee who thereafter fathers children does not produce kids minus the same part ~

  3. Big says:

    Please read a book on Modern Biology and learn about DNA. It will change your life.

  4. Beverly M. Dickey says:


  5. James Holbrook says:

    you all are playing with words, either way eve was taken from adam! if you believe the bible to be the truth(and i do) the bible inturpits the was created (brought forth from nothing) gen.1:26-27 then gen 2:5 >>>there was not a man to till the ground so gen 2:7 llllllllllllllll LORD God formed man from the dust of the ground,eve was made from adam’s rib (don’t matter where the bone came from). eve came from adam’s flesh, and they procrated as did all humans until now, it has never changed. don’t expect it to now!

    created–is eternal (inner being) created in the image of god.(god is spirit).
    formed is flesh–(human being) human came from dust,we are a created being that will live in etinerity heaven or hell we get to chose.

  6. Rob Palmer says:

    This could be qualified as “fake news” as it misleads young innocent maidens concerning male anatomy.

  7. Walter R. Mattfeld says:

    This title, Eve came from where? attracted my attention, I thought the article would deal with her “pre-biblical origin,” I was wrong. By 1898-9 Professor Morris Jastrow Junior of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, had, in an article published in a scholarly journal of that time, identified “from where Eve had come from.” He argued that she was a recast of Shamhat (his Ukhat) in the Epic of Gilgamesh (his Epic of Izdubar), and that Adam was a recast of Enkidu (his Eabani) in the same epic. Genesis’ god, who brought a naked Eve and presented her to Adam, I concluded, must be Sadu/Saidu, the Hunter, from Uruk, who brought Shamhat/Eve to the watering hole in the midst of the desert-like wilderness called EDIN in the Epic of Gilgamesh. Enkidu is portrayed as being made of Edin’s clay by a goddess, he is hairy and naked and of great strength. His companions are wild animals, bulls and antelope. With them he eats grass and laps water at Edin’s watering hole. He sets free animals caught in the hunter’s traps. Fearful of Enkidu’s strength, the Hunter asks Gilgamesh for help. He is told take a prostitute from the temple of Uruk to the watering hole. When Enkidu arrives with his animal companions, she is to disrobe and entice him with sex. After sex, he will attempt to return to his animal companions, who will reject, and flee from him. He will return to the prostitute and accept her as his new companion. She will convince him to leave EDIN and live in Uruk. No more animals will be released from the hunter’s traps in the EDIN. She does as told, and Enkidu mates with her. His animal companions flee from him, he accepts her as his new companion. Before leaving the watering hole she gives him part of her garment to cover his nakedness, and together, both leave EDIN clothed. They encounter a shepherd’s camp in EDIN, they offer Enkidu bread and wine, he refuses them, he knows only to eat grass and drink water with the beasts. Shamhat intercedes and convinces Enkidu to partake of the food and drink he does so. The shepherds announce, now he is a civilized man and a beast no more, for beasts do not consume the gods’ foods: alcoholic drink and bread (man-processed foods not available to EDIN’s beasts). On his death-bed he curses the Prostitute, blaming her for his coming death. His patron god upbraids him, telling him she did him good, she gave him a robe fit for a king to cover his nakedness, she gave him food and drink fit for gods to consume, she gave him as a companion-in-arms, Gilgamesh. A chastened Enkidu withdraws the curse and blesses the Prostitute. I have published a book on all this, in 2010, available at, Walter R. Mattfeld, The garden of Eden Myth: Its Pre-Biblical Origin in Mesopotamian Myths. Illustrated and with maps. My website also has more info,

  8. Matt says:

    The notion being presented has a problem with it.
    DNA – doing surgery on a human body does not change or alter the DNA structure. When God was completed with Adam, he said, “it was good” which also means “completed” in terms of mans creation. Therefore, the DNA structure was also completed. If man had a “penis bone” then, our DNA code today would have that, and men would have one now; which we don’t.
    In many translations the Bible says “from the side of the man”. Then God closed up the skin and fashioned Eve. Let me look real quick at my side…… hmmmm….. no protrusive appendage… just skin and…. oh, look at that…. my RIBS are there.
    Leave the veracity of the Bible intact. If we choose to doubt one thing, then we are apt to choose to doubt others.

  9. kenneths81 says:

    Wow, how far out will some go to get in print. There seems to be absolutely no evidence for this speculation.

  10. Mark says:

    The human rib, using a precise surgical procedure, is the only bone in the human anatomy that can be removed in its entirety and then completely grow back.

  11. Charles B Whatley says:

    Based on the fact that man doesn’t have a bone in his penis? If I lose my arm, my children will all have arms, so that argument is absolutely without merit…

  12. jerrym83 says:

    Robbin posted………..
    “It’s interesting that this article written by a recognized scholar, is then countered with comments by less informed… there is no ‘word of god’ – it was written by humans, and therefore subject to errors…”

    Hello Robbin do you thunk “recognized (so-call) scholar’s are much more correct in their understandings or more than contained within the Holy Bible, since recognized scholar’s are also mistake ridden human’s as well…? And I wonder, do these so-called “RECOGNIZED SCHOLAR’S” make no mistakes at all, as you are implying in you post…?

    Ouch……….just something to think about here.

    Perhaps you might ought to try reading just a little bit into “The Dark and Middle Ages” and learn a little something about how the Holy Bible (King James Version Traditional Bible) truly came into the modern-day hands of people today or these same 21st centuries RECOGNIZED SCHOLARS…? Robbin….the unbelievable number of true;y inspired “recognized scholar’s” have actually given up their lives throughout the years in church history….along with perhaps many millions of innocent Bible believing followers of Jesus Christ have been actually burned at the stake just to get that old “Traditional King Jame Version Holy Bible” in your modern-day hands of today…? Ever wonder how many “innocent” people today have given up their live for the N I V or for any of those other “man made” modern-day Bible’s out on the religious marketplaces of today…?

    O-Well, it just could be one very interesting literary journey for you if you wold just look deep into the one true “Godly inspired” Holy Bible, the same one many thousands of misinformed people are now rejecting today, simply because they say it was merely men who wrote it; but they always tend to overlook any possible notion that the men who wrote The King James Holy Bible were men who were Godly inspired by God Himself, nothing or anything such as the so-called “N I V Bible,” which (by the way) stands for THE NON INSPIRED VERSION.” What do you think…?

    O-Yes…by the way, I didn’t know if your post was referring to my posting here above or not, so I just wanted to see there are no mistakes here and let you know (just in case you were referring to me above) I do have a PhD and an advanced degree in theology, I also have written some 34 books on the very subjects discussed in many of these postings here. I’ve also spent some 40 very long (seemingly endless years) of extremely intense Biblical studies, constant research in Biblical homeostatic scripture definitions, and also many years in historical church related investigation, as well as years of investigations into general Christianity in America. Boy-O-Boy, Ouch,,,surely sounds like a whole lot here but within my seventy years on planet earth one would be surprised at what one can accomplish in such little time…..? Hope this helps brother…? God bless…!

  13. Cliff (India) says:

    Just thinking out loud, but I am wondering if the original Man (Adam) could have been created with extra organs which no longer exist. God making man in His own image, implies that the man He created originally was at par (in flesh) with His own image and therefore had body parts superior to the man of today.

  14. Ari DeLeon says:

    It’s interesting that this article written by a recognized scholar, is then countered with comments by less informed… there is no ‘word of god’ – it was written by humans, and therefore subject to errors…

  15. Mike Tisdell says:

    The problem with all of these new theories is they simply ignore the text, the text says ‎ ויקח אחת מצלעתיו (Gen. 2:21 BHS) (he took one from his sides). It doesn’t say “he took from his side,” it doesn’t say “he took his side,” etc… As written it implies that God took one of something from Adam of which Adam had more than one.

  16. Katura abraham says:

    I thought the correct meaning was “curve” DNA helix curve

  17. zekar-yah! says:

    the first problem with all this is the word “Bible”. it should be a clue to most that this is not of YISRAEL or of YHWH but of pag-ianity (pagan christianity, sometimes also called messianism). however i am not saying there isn’t something to the concept of the original post. i will look into it.

  18. Tim T says:

    So, could Eve have been formed within man much as we now grow organs within animals? It would explain why ADAM was cut apart to harvest the female within.

  19. simon says:

    HIs pneuma is extracted out of his side, implying part of his make-up has been lost. It is why he calls her mother of all living.

  20. bruce taylor says:

    I went to a church pentecostal, they prayed over me saying; we command all demons out of Bruce Taylor in the name of Jesus Christ, what happen after Mohammad couldn’t do. i shook violently,afterwards it felt like the weight of the world was lifted,and at the same time,i had so much peace in my mind,that my mind was full of clarity, and to top it off, i was smiling so much that my cheeks were hurting, THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE, WAS THAT DAY. IF I’M LYING LET GOD DESTROY ME RIGHT NOW!!!!! I have no reason to lie.

  21. Nasir Khan says:

    O People of the Book’ stop this! You have gone on like this for many millimiums as a people who strayed far from what God and His prophets gave them and in whom you never believed. Believe it or not, Islam is the only answers that most of you will never believe as hardened disbelievers. Open the locks of your hearts and read the Qur’an and believe in only one true God. Why don’t you all do this, why do you remain like this. Remember, you have been told and you will be asked by God on the Day of Judgement but that too many of you don’t believe in!! Muhammad has been told in your Scriptutes and so to all major religion on earth. Read theQur’an.

  22. David Galdino says:

    The book of Genesis works with figurative forms of language, Eve was not taken from Adam’s rib. Adam when associated with Eve in the text is treating about humanity and not to a single individual being.

    When the text comes to Adam [individual] he speaks of the first man “created” from the advent of Neshama, Adam was not the first “being-man” created.

    The word “Tzalá” was mistakenly translated by rib, the Tzalá Hebrew word just means “side”.

    Eve was “taken from the side” of Adam, reference to the same image. In the text it is not clear what exactly is this “side” that Gd took Adam.

    It is also possible that the author of the text just wanted to play with Tzalá words’ “side”, tzelah “fall” and tzelem “God’s image”, the same way that it infers that were generated as the “image/likeness” of Gd.

  23. Dr.Howard Davis says:

    Literal from Hebrew expanded :” And Yahweh caused a very deep trance to come over the man and he went into a profound slumber. And Yahweh Elohim opened up the man’s entire side- head to foot -and reached inside to where She was stationed and then firmly grasped the Feminine One and quickly pulled her out from within his ribs ,and He sealed up man’s flesh so as to cease the flowing blood [dam Heb.]..Then Yahweh cleaned up[ a “river” then went into four rivers one of the’ four rivers’ there Gen.2:10] the Feminine One whom He had quickly seized from inside the man’s’ rib’ cage and conducted her to the man.”

    Even Adam understood this procedure as he exclaimed: “This is now a skeletal frame taken from inside of my skeletal frame and a flesh body taken from inside my flesh body. And this One shall be called isha-a feminine one.”

    Ish is male- isha is female. Rib Heb.dict. “a rib,as curved lit. (of the body) fig. (of a door i.e, a leaf) hence a side ,lit.(of a person)-in this case Adam ed. That which has form here and in the feminine gender, hence,’ feminine person.’ No scars they are not hereditary! It says Elohim sealed his ‘entire side ‘ Heb. What God does he performs well- no scar as an ordinary surgeon would leave due to the knife cutting the flesh!

  24. J Wong says:

    Look at:
    and check all the occurrences of the word ‘tsela’ in the Bible. It is difficult to come to the conclusion that the word ‘tsela’ has to refer to something outside the main structure. e.g. 2 Samuel 16:13. Therefore, the critical assumption for this interpretation cannot be substantiated. My suggestion is to simply disregard it.

  25. David says:

    The word “Tsela” means in Hebrew a “Skinny Fleshy Irregular Angular Organ”. Even in Hebrew to what this is referring to is unclear. Most scholars have come to the conclusion that it must be referring to a man’s rib or his side but exclude any possibility that it can be referring to man’s cellular organs. Scripture gives us a clue to which many have overlooked. At the end of verse 21 in chapter 2 the lord says “and closed up the flesh at that place”. Now these words are significant to the understanding of what has happened. This is man virtually giving birth to the first woman and from then on women give birth to all. The closing of the flesh in it’s place has to be a reminder that this once took place. When anyone goes in for an operation of such significance these days are left with a scar after the closing of the flesh. So the question is, if God opened man to which he tells us he did and then closed him again he tells us he did, then a scar will appear. But where is this scar? This scar has been passed down to all men and boys. The scar resides between the Anus and runs to the ball sack. Don’t believe me, then take a look. The scar is in the same area to which women give birth. This forgotten scar is carried through all generations as a reminder to what originally happened and how it happened. The part to which was taken from man to make a woman would be a part that has to do with child bearing. Not a rib or the side of man. When God made the woman and took the women to man the first thing that is recorded him saying is that “This is now bone of my bones, And flesh of my flesh; She shall be called Woman, Because she was taken out of Man.”
    This gave the desire for man to be attracted to the women. The attraction is to re-unite what was once his to himself, this is the meaning to the words “Because she was taken out of Man” The attraction between man and woman is to be re-united with what was his. This gives us the attraction. This is why men desire to be inside of woman, this fulfils God’s promise to man for both man and woman to go out and populate the earth. This is how it’s done. Man yearns to be re-united with what was taken from him. So it’s more to the verses than just giving a part to form a woman, therefore the part has to include the ability to re-produce and the attraction back to man. The part itself can’t possibly be a Rib of such but more to the cellular organs type that man has.

  26. Jim says:

    Messiah Yahushua was “the last Adam”, fulfilling or completing what “the first man Adam” prefigured (see 1 Corinthians 15:45). With that type and anti-type firmly in mind let us read:

    John 19:34 (Expanded Bible): “But one of the soldiers ·stuck [pierced] his ·spear [lance; javelin] into Jesus’ SIDE, and at once BLOOD and WATER came out [ indicating his death as a human being].”

    The Greek word for “SIDE” is pleura which means “RIB”. According to the Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities–Head–Neck, Sixth Edition, by Alexander Miles, “the pleura may reach as high as the medial [‘middle, median, or intermediate’] border of the RIB.”

    The BLOOD and WATER shed by Messiah Yahushua fulfills the typology of the Brazen Altar (fig., His BLOOD and body sacrifice on the cross) and Brazen Laver (WATER of His submergence / burial > His reemergence / resurrection / rebirth / regeneration), both pieces of furniture found in the Outer Court of Moses’ Tabernacle as well as in the Outer Court of Solomon’s Temple. In the New Testament these two furnishings represent the regeneration process.

    Mark 16:15-16 (Lexham English Bible): 15 “And he said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the GOSPEL to all creation. 16 The one who BELIEVES [i.e., in the BLOOD sacrifice of the GOSPEL] and is [WATER] BAPTIZED will be SAVED, …’ ”

    What is the “GOSPEL”? Does it involve the BLOODshed of Messiah Yahushua? It does; it includes His BLOODY death, His burial, and His resurrection:

    1 Corinthians 15:1-11 (Lexham English Bible):

    1 Now I make known to you, brothers, the GOSPEL which I proclaimed to you, which you have also received, in which you also stand, 2 by which you are also being SAVED, if you hold fast to the [GOSPEL] MESSAGE I proclaimed to you, unless you BELIEVED to no purpose. 3 For I passed on to you as of first importance what I also received, that Christ DIED for our sins according to the scriptures, 4 and that He was BURIED, and that He was RAISED UP on the third day according to the scriptures, 5 and that He APPEARED to Cephas, then to the twelve, 6 then He APPEARED to more than five hundred brothers at once, the majority of whom remain until now, but some have fallen asleep [in death]. 7 Then He APPEARED to James, then to all the apostles, 8 and last of all, as it were to one born at the wrong time, He APPEARED also to me… 11 Therefore whether I or those, in this way we PREACHED [this aforementioned GOSPEL of Messiah’s DEATH, BURIAL, and RESURRECTION], and in this way you BELIEVED.

  27. David says:

    Adam was placed into a deep sleep, Jesus was placed into a deep sleep (Death)
    Their sides were opened up
    their bride was prepared
    Adam met his bride, Jesus will return when His bride is ready.

  28. Julie says:

    not a fan of this article. Pretty sure the word of God saying FROM HIS SIDE, means his rib. Sheesh, why do intellectuals always try to make things more complicated then what they need to be???

  29. Red says:

    Couldn’t Adam’s rib be referring to his DNA? We often talk of DNA as looking like ribs.

  30. Jay says:

    The “missing rib” in men is fiction and “rib” in Genesis 2:21 is only euphemistic for side, probably because of the form of punishment for heretics who were drawn, quartered and beheaded, not necessarily in that order, in the days of King Henry VIII.

  31. linda says:

    Wat about the man’s missing rib?

  32. JAY A TOMPKINS User says:

    From reference combinations of the Kline’s Etymological Dictionary of the Hebrew Language plus the Artscroll Interlinear Chumash, I conclude something that sounds gruesome. The Almighty cast a deep sleep upon Adam, sort of like in surgery, and drew Adam in half. Then the Almighty closed Adam’s half (with ribs) then built Adam’s other side (with ribs) to form Eve.

  33. Johnna Houseman says:

    God put Adam asleep and took from Adams side and created woman. God put Jesus to sleep on the Cross and His side was Pierced and Blood and water poured out and any who believes and is washed in the Blood will be spotless and your sins white as snow and you then become a member of the Bride of Christ. It was the Blood for the Blood connects the members of a Body so that each member is whole and lives. God said the Blood is the Life. In the beginning was the Word , and the Word was with God , and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God…And all things were made through Him… and in Him was Life , and that Life was the Light of men. The life is the Blood. The Spirit is the Life .The Blood connects the Body. The Spirit Connects the Body of the Bride. Eve was in Adam. We were in Christ. Adam was formed from the clay of the Earth and was brought to Life from the Breath of God , the lowest substance combined with the Greatest eternal Being and came forth Life and out of that Life was brought forth His Bride as Jesus would be put to sleep and His Bride would be brought forth from His Side , the Right Side , the Spirit that holds all things together with Life as the Blood holds all body members together with life. God even told us all through the scriptures He was going to have a second Son whom the Elder would serve. This began with Able bringing the accepted sacrifice above Cains. Isaac was preferred over Ishmael. Jacob over Esau. Ephraim over Manessee. All these were actual events that were prophetic foreshadows of the future telling us Jesus would be created not of a man ,but a virgin and the Spirit , as Adam was created of the Earth and Spirit . And Both at God’s command .Both men’s wives brought forth from their side and the side let out Blood.That which is the Life. Bone Marrow is made from the spine , not the ribs , so life could not come from the ribs .Bone Marrow creates Blood and Blood is the Life . It is to be poured out , never eaten. ( The Bride of Christ is also the Temple and is almost complete.

  34. Dr.Howard Davis says:

    Since I dealt with Adam and Eve I would like to being out another in my view a fallacy, well not quite.
    It says,” And they both were crafty the man and his wife and were not ashamed.” This is another one of those’ tucked in’ predictions I have been posting about.
    Here is how it can be translated: “The man and his wife would both take crafty counsel together and would not be ashamed of it.”
    This is an historical point in past time prediction that Adam an Eve would conspire or take crafty counsel to partake of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
    now the English word naked in in this verse. This is the word aruwm which has two meanings: nude and cunning or take or engage in crafty counsel.
    The same word is translated cunning or subtle in Gen.3:1 “Now the serpent [serpent-this was Moses’ (as well as John’s) description for Satan-see Rev.20:2-it was not a snake ] was more cunning[aruwm] than any beast of the field [a comparison not saying this was a snake …”

    So we have a prediction in point of time that both would’ lay bare'[aruwm) mentally what they they were going to do relative to that forbidden tree. And it says- in spite of God’s strict(Heb.stem of intensity) constant commands when He visited them they were not ashamed of thinking this way or acting crafty. I believe being of a very high energy field they had a glow or light (it says in Ps.104:2 “You are clothed with light as with a garment…”and “man was in the image and likeness of God” so man was, no doubt, ‘clothed in light’) around them and they lost this when they sinned by taking the fruit (a “fig” as they stitched ‘fig leaves’ together-Jesus cursed the fig tree in the NT) and they now knew they had been ‘cunning’ or took ‘crafty council together’ and could now see their physical nakedness or aruwm. So we see both meanings here; but physical nudity (aruwm) is secondary in this case being cunning being first cause.

  35. dr howard davis says:

    “”Then God said let Us [pl.]make man in Our Image, according to Our Likeness…” Gen.1:26;27

    Image is lit. cut out ; or tselem: phantom; form; to compare by resemble resemblance; represenitive figure.

    Likeness (drom dam or blow(flowing)to be like ; Demuth : pattern; resemblance ;effigy.
    So it says literally, ” Then God said ,We will make man to resemble Us in accordance with Our similitude.”

    So man was in Hebrew made in the spiritual (or phantom) likeness as well as form likeness and mental likeness. within the Hebrew word is dam or blood. So Adam was created in the ‘blood flowing’ likeness of God.” Now God says in Numbers,’ I am not a man.’ And Paul says flesh and blood shall not inherit the kingdom.’ This verse is predictive of the coming Messiah!
    ‘Adam was created like God would become’, that is, a man with ‘blood flowing'(lit.) in him. John 1″1;14 says the ‘Word” or Jesus was God and that the Word or Jesus “became flesh.” So god the Word became an man. In our passages in John was the fulfillment of these verses in. Gen.1:26-27!

    Note: Adam means, to show blood(face) i.e. flush or turn rosy,red ruddy. This reinforces the ‘blood flowing likeness’ we discussed.

    This tells us that Adam was ‘predictive’ ( Jesus is called the “second Adam” by Paul) as it were and though made or created in the’ image and likeness’ of God would fall and require that God would have to become a man and save him and the human race or those that accept His provision.

    So the famous passage in Genesis 3:15 after the Fall about the promised Redeemer -“her seed” or offspring – is not the first time as is commonly believed a Savior who would bruise the head of Satan/and his offspring the antichrist- was promised -it was in Gen.1:26-7!

    “Bruise” is shoof in Heb. :to gape i.e. snap at; overwhelm; break, describing Satans’ end as well the antichrist. Revelation 20:10;ll Thess.2:8

  36. Paul Ballotta says:

    Uh yeah Carl, the ancient mythologies this account in Genesis is based on had sexual allusions used describing the interaction of the male and female divinities in the creation of lifeforms and so the references to other gods were deleted from the composition preserved in Hebrew:
    “Forming a living creature by the work of male and female deities is typical of Sumerian compositions, especially those involving the god Enki and the mother goddess (Ninhursag, Nintu). The goddess takes the image of Anu and presses it into clay to form the creature, and is said to give birth to it” (“Gilgamesh” by John Gardner and John Maier, p.71).
    Imagine the Sumerian sky god impregnating the ground with an image, which in the biblical account would be the “adamah” which is the name of a Hurrian goddess that was incorporated into the calender as a month at ancient Ebla. The word “adamah” also contains the root word “dm” which means blood, so this signifies a red colored ground, like the red-cay banks of the Raritan River where one day I saw at the park that was our “Ichycoo Park,” the helicopters of President Carter landed in New Brunswick, where he then got in his motorcade and waved at some people who were there at the place where students from the old red brick high school would park and take their smoke breaks. He’s such a remarkable man and yet mostly shunned by his successors who don’t like to be reminded that this President would not be caught dead playing golf while U. S. citizens were being held hostage. Can you put a price-tag on that memory?

  37. Albert Elfaks says:

    I don’t know about scholarship. Though Arabic is my mother tongue & Hebrew is my traditional tongue. A rib in Hebrew is Ssela3 and in Arabic (both fus7a and spoken in Northwest semitic Arabic) is Ddala3; practically the same word. (when accommodating the very small differences in the alphabet. More plausible,) Don’t you find?

  38. johnh374 says:

    Well said, Jonathan! It is amazing that such a “scholar” would assume that the removal of a rib would be passed on genetically to ones descendents! I also agree with the posts made by Johannah and Ramsey about the implications of the phrase “one of” in the Genesis passage.

  39. Percival says:

    Hmmm? Shouldn’t that date of the article be April 1, 2015?

  40. Timothy says:

    This is why it is written, “do not concern yourselves with the genealogies,,,,,,,,,,”, and my own words,(minutia), that which takes away from the primary message, ie: created male and female, gender, and the myriad of differences that do meld well together. The cloning “process”, is irrelevant outside scientific circles and ill advised at this point in time. Man’s arrogance will screw things up.

  41. Jonathan says:

    Whether the Hebrew word for “side” can be a euphemism to mean penile bone, I don’t have a clue because I haven’t read the full article and don’t know Hebrew. But the idea that humans don’t have the penile bone because God took it from Adam is, well, outlandish and only comes from an evolutionist.

    Just because the father is missing a body part does not mean he passes on that missing body part to his child. I’m sure than thousands of fathers, who suffered from appendicitis and had their appendix surgically removed, subsequently had children who had a functioning appendix. This is because the information for the organ that is passed on to the child is not just in the missing organ or body part, but the information is in the body’s DNA itself, and so will not be lost as a result of surgical removal of a body part.

    Evolutionists would like you to believe stories like the one this article, but logically and scientifically, it’s BS.

  42. dr howard davis says:

    Man not created from dust (particles]or the dirt!!! I sometimes smile when I hear or read a Christian excoriating an evolutionist from saying man originated from ‘primordial matter’ then telling him/her to refute that lowly origin of man ‘we did not we came from dirt!’ Not cool! Not inspired Hebrew scripture either!

    KJV English oriented theology and all other translations that follow it to some degree or another. Again, as we have with Eve being a so called “rib!” See my above post as well as my Aug.17 post.

    Genesis 2:7 says lit. from Hebrew ” And formed [molded as to shape or design] Yahweh[The Lord] God man dust of the ground breathing into his nostrils the spirit of lives [pl. intellectual/physical/spiritual] and the man became an individual of life.”

    So taking in the grammatical construction which many fail to do it says, “The Lord God formed man(but he was to become dust i.e. die a prediction) and breathed into his nostrils the spirit of lives and man became an individual of life.
    It is literally saying ‘even though the Lord God designed or molded man’ he was to become “dust from the ground”. is an objective complement. Here is a similar grammatical construction., They crowned Henry king. The objective compliment is demonstrated here-the crowning of Henry was make him a king-that was the object. He was not already a king. Same in our verse from Hebrew. ‘God molded or formed man’ [he did not originate from dirt!] but he “was to become dust”/particles;it does not say where he came from here ‘dust form the earth’,but where he was going to or the grave and was to become ‘dust’ as it were.

    Now we translate again using the grammar that’s there or an objective complement : “The Lord God designed man (but he was to become dust in the ground) and He breathed into his nostrils the sprit of lives and man became an individual of life.”

    It says in Gen.1:27 :’And God created [bara] man..” Bara means create from God Himself-not from preexisting material and is different that asah to shape or form. Just as He did with the heavens and earth He directly created (bara) Adam. But as ‘predicted’ in the’ historical past’ as Moses wrote about Adam’s creation at that point in time man would die i.e. through disobedience (Gen.2:15-17all verses from our English Bible must follow our lead verses-for sayas you will return to the earth implying man cam from the earth, but there is no “re” in He. its shoove or “turning towards” something in this the case the earth ) become dust-even though God” formed” him to ‘live forever.’

    Abraham said he was but, “dust and ashes.”.Was he literally dust an ashes? No. God sad to Adam after his fall, “you are dust.” You are as good as dead i.e. ‘dust’ since you disobeyed Me.

    Just as Abraham wasn’t literally ‘dust’ neither was Adam so a proof text for the “dirt man” theory is gone.

  43. dr howard davis says:

    In my Aug.17 post I failed to mention in a secondary way tsela is “side.” So it ,indicates secondarily as to where was her ‘exit’ -she was removed thorough Adams’ “side.” It says literally the ‘feminine one'(was named isha feminine male or one-and then formal name Eve-mother of all living) was taken from the inside of Adam-through or via his ‘side.’
    Recall it says ‘Their ( pl.) Name (sing.) was Adam (sing.) when or in the day they (pl .)were created.’ Gen.5:1-2 God created Adam with Eve in a mysterious way was inside of him and both were in the’ image of God male and female.’ I believe Adam was quite large. It’s genetics and growth hormone that has created shorter, size and stature, etc.

    “Rib” (tsela-in this case fem.or a feminine one or person ) tracing of the Hebrew word through several Heb. lexicons : form; shape; image; figure; curved-lit.(of the body); side -lit. of a person; resemblance-“representative figure”; phantom/spirit. She was created in the spiritual- mental spirit likeness of God as was Adam. She ‘resembled’ Adam in ‘form’ -except for the ‘feminine] ish male isha female Heb.- characteristics, etc. NOT a bloody ‘rib’ as we know it from Adams’ rib cage which is medievalism.

  44. Kurt says:

    As to creating the woman by using a rib from the man, where is the difficulty in that?(Interestingly, modern medical science has found that the rib has an unusual capacity to heal. Unlike other bones, it can grow back if its membrane of connective tissue is left intact).God could have used other means, but his manner of making the woman had beautiful significance. He wanted the man and the woman to marry and to form a close bond, as if they were “one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24) Is not the way man and woman can complement each other, forming a stable and mutually nourishing bond, powerful evidence of a wise and loving Creator?
    On the other hand, there is powerful evidence that the account is true history.

    For example, Jesus Christ is called “the faithful and true witness.” (Revelation 3:14) Being a perfect man, he never lied, never misrepresented the truth in any way. What is more, he taught that he had existed long before his life as a man on earth—in fact, he had lived alongside his Father, Jehovah, “before the world was.” (John 17:5) So he was alive when life on earth began. What is the testimony of this most reliable of all witnesses?

    Jesus spoke of Adam and Eve as real people. He referred to their marriage when explaining Jehovah’s standard of monogamy. (Matthew 19:3-6) If they never existed and the garden in which they lived was a mere myth, then either Jesus was deceived or he was a liar. Neither conclusion is feasible! Jesus had been in heaven, watching as the tragedy unfolded in the garden. What evidence could be more convincing than that?

    In reality, disbelief in the Genesis account undermines faith in Jesus. Such disbelief also makes it impossible to understand some of the Bible’s greatest themes and most reassuring promises.

  45. John P says:

    The emphasis of the story is the unity of man and woman as part of each other – the two become “one flesh” a complete human entity.

  46. Abbey says:

    Spiritual insights elude studies. Science and spirituality don’t mix. I am not surprised why Zevit lacked depth.

  47. Bobby Hooks says:

    What ever bone, woman was entirely contained within Adam. Part of him was removed – the woman part.

  48. ann says:

    I have never thought rib was the right term, however the story’s , ummm description does NOT FIT.. the pens is not a “side chamber” the text a little more carefully, it says “they were called Adam”.. which means the the “seed” or the very escense of Eve was already upon the earth IN Adam… sorry this story is a NO GO…. but, I don’t worry to much about it… God did it HIS WAY no matter how that was..

  49. Robert Israel says:

    Ungulates (in particular sheep, goats, cattle) would be the nonhuman mammals most familiar to the ancient Israelites, and don’t have a baculum. The Israelites wouldn’t have had experience with nonhuman primates, and they weren’t particularly into comparative anatomy. They did have dogs which do have a baculum, but the Israelites would have little occasion to dissect a dog. Even the idea that humans are mammals and should have homologous anatomical structures to those of other mammals would not really be part of their mind-set.

  50. giorgio says:

    two mamal species DON”T have penis bone – male elephants and human male. I wonder how come Z.Z. did find that translation of a nonexistent thing.

  51. Glenn Alan Graham says:

    A fascinating discussion. I will resist (hopefully) ‘boner’ jokes. The suggestion that the feminine part of Adam was removed from his side to create Eve remins me of the greek creation story. In it, ‘man’ was originally male and female- with two heads, four arms and four legs. ( A Peter Parker nightmare?) They were cut in twain because they were too noisy! I like the idea that the red-clay man had two hearts, and one was removed to form his mate or sister-clone. Most poetic!

  52. Robin says:

    Micheal F…..Interesting attempt to weave the Genesis story of the creation of “Eve” into all those cosmic myths. The book of Genesis begins with a creation account which has similarities, but MANY differences from the stories of societies around them……monotheism rather than polytheism (just for one example). These chapters were most likely a refutation of what surrounding cultures taught, and worded in the way that people of that era worded things. It should not be assumed that Genesis is talking about the same mindset — or set of beliefs in a cosmic polytheistic setting — that those Greek and neo-Babylonian cultures were marinated in.

  53. Robin says:

    Sounds like a good way to get some media attention. I HAVE, however, read that instead of “rib” the word actually meant “side” — as in “she was created from Adam’s side.”

  54. Elaine says:

    It makes sense to me because God said they are one flesh when the joined together in sexual congress. i.e. putting it back where it came from…just a thought!

  55. Luciane says:

    The baculum (also penis bone, penile bone or os penis) is a bone found in the penis of many placental mammals. It is absent in the human penis, but present in the penises of other primates, such as the gorilla and chimpanzee.[1] The bone is located above the male urethra,[2] and it aids sexual reproduction by maintaining sufficient stiffness during sexual penetration. The female equivalent is the baubellum or os clitoridis – a bone in the clitoris.[3][4]

  56. tumbler says:

    johanes i wouldnt be looking to bbc tv or any other worldly sourcers for any accurate answers on the bible

  57. Johanes Saragih says:

    Just info for Michael (8): you may find the info needed in BBC Knowledge TV series. Btw how a dynamic discussion guys. Hello from Indonesia.

  58. SOE Ministries says:

    Sorry for the typos brothers & sisters. .. I’m typing on my mobile and sometimes it is a bit screwey.

  59. SOE Ministries says:

    Interesting thoughts Alexander. .. I can see a possibility of “ribcage”… as it would also agree with the usage in Daniel denoting the three ribs in mouth of the bear.

  60. Rev. Clifton Payne says:

    The word “tsela” can be used of something that incases something, hence on the side. It can be used for the ribs of a ship and the rib cage because it incases the soft tissues. A better modern translation would be “cell.” Interestingly written thousands of years before we knew that humans were composed of cells and each cell has all the genetic information to make a duplicate, see cloning.

  61. Alex Rodriguez says:

    Yes, not quite an archaeological issue, but one of textual criticism. I love both, though. What the author doesn’t understand is that his translation of a word cannot just make sense in one place and not all the others it occurs. Also – and even before the last principle – the translation has to make grammatical sense in the context of the sentence. There would way too much acrobatics involved to justify his translation of that word even in just this one place. I admit though, the translation of rib, despite its seeming acceptance as such in other ancient languages and cultures, in view of the other occurrences in the bible does seem quite not right. I propose this understanding: it refers to the “rib cage” of which there are 2. This would also explain why there is only one heart on one side: a mans wife has his other one. This also goes along with the other usages in the bible of the word as a metaphor for a set of support beams or a cage or a side of such.

  62. SOE Ministries says:

    It’s funny that this authors “interpretation” is almost identical to the Ancient Pagan creation myths… 1st warning sign. The phallus in the creation of Gods, demigods, humans, etc is a recurring theme throughout pagan religion. Two, the verse says GOD took “1” (Accad Tsela) One Rib… Not one penis bone. So for you to ridicule Someone for believing that GOD who creates something from nothing is bound by some type of natural law of reproduction is utterly ridiculous. Another point to consider… The Aramaic word “ala” is derived from the SAME root for Rib in both books of Daniel 7:5 & 1 Kings 6:15…

    So are you really trying to convince everyone that it is also referring to a penis bone as well?

    “Ala”… rib
    (Aramaic) corresponding to tsela’; a rib — rib.

    see HEBREW tsela’

  63. Alan says:

    I don’t think we’re going to see an archeological resolution to this controversy.

  64. Jane Abernaathy says:

    I wish I could “like” some of these comments, some of them are pretty good.

  65. Colette says:

    Actually it was sperm. It was all about DNA. And the dust was the second creation. The creation of flesh dwelling. We were first created in his image. Male and female he created them. Set them on earth, said be fruitful and multiply. however do not take to your selfs the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It says eat, however that’s wrong also. They took to themselves minerals and elements. They were first spirit, in the image of God. When they realized they were naked, it was the actual flesh that was new to them. It was refashioned with an anus and a few changes by God while they slept. Then DNA was transferred to eve. Meaning that Adam had XY and Eve was given an Y and told that now in flesh it would hurt to have babies. Now we are born in sin. Element and mineral. Corruption. God is smarter than you. Hahahaha. Let’s talk about it.

  66. Sean Maddox says:

    Unbelievable. Truly unbelievable. How very patriarchal of you, Ziony.

  67. dr howard davis says:

    As to the creation of Eve. I have studied Hebrew since 1963. I will translate and expand this verse:
    “The Lord God caused to fall upon the man a deep trance and he slept; and He reached [inside] and firmly grasped the feminine one [rib fem.gen.];and then sealed up[so as to stop the flow of blood] that place [i.e. side-head to foot].
    Expanded :
    ‘Yahweh Elohim caused a deep trance to overcome Adam and he went into a profound slumber; and He[God] opened up his entire side- from head to foot- reached inside and firmly seized the feminine one]Eve] and pulled her out while sealing up the flesh where the opening was so as to stop blood flowing out.’

    “And The Lord God prepared and cleaned up the feminine one [Eve] whom He had removed from the inside of Adam and conducted her [not a rib] to Adam.”

    Adams’ response completes our description as an eye witness after he awoke as to how she was created or prepared.

    And Adam said, ‘Now this time [after seeing all the animals, etc.] time a skeletal frame from the inside or my skeletal frame [lit.] and a body of flesh from the inside of my flesh body-therefore she[not a rib[ will be called female because she [not a rib] was removed from the inside of me.”

    So what we have -and only sharing and based on grammar,Heb. stems of force, etymology, etc(you may believe God took a bloody ‘rib’ and made a woman!)is God placing a pronounced trance over Adam then as he lies there God slits open Adam’s entire ‘side; reaches inside and ‘firmly grasps’ the ‘feminine one’ [called a “rib” in the English Bible] ‘quickly pulls’ her out while God heals up the open flesh where blood would be flowing.
    Then He may have taken Eve to one of those beautiful rivers[there was a geyser there too] that flowed from the garden and washed her preparing her to meet Adam. God conducts Eve presents her to Adam who realized ‘she’ -not a rib of his-was taken from the inside of himself and he describes this in detail.

    The analogy between Jesus the “Second Adam” and his church which is His bride just as Eve was Adam’s bride ,being prepared by the ‘washing ‘of the Word and Jesus shedding his blood as did Adam is profound and I will cover this next time.

  68. Christa D'Auria says:

    Only, it was supernatural as God had created Adam from the ground at first, then Adam was put in deep sleep as Eve came from his rib. Both Adam and Eve were reunited together made by God so perfectly in the Garden of Eve in ancient Iraq in the Biblical History in a fact. Finally, God rested on 7 th day as the Shabbit Day in the Jewish Calander. God has His 7,000 years Plan in timeline. Christa D’Auria

  69. alvinp says:

    Terry & Bob: I agree with both of your statements. Plus, I think the writer of this article smoked a bit too much – – – of something.

  70. bob says:

    I think someone has too much free time on their hands.

  71. Terry says:

    God created woman from Adam’s rib or side so they would be equal to each other. Taken from a higher or lower body part would put her above or beneath him. God created and intended man and woman to be equal partners. It amazes me that a so called scholar gets paid to come up with penis bone as a translation.

  72. Ramsey says:

    The Hebrew doesn’t say God took a tzeilah. He took “one of Adam’s tzeilot.” What then happened to all of Adam’s other bacula?

  73. Stan Newman says:

    #9, Michael: The walrus and the whale among others.

  74. ilanb says:

    And I thought that John Allegros “Jesus was a mushroom trip” theory was stupid.

  75. Hannah says:

    So, the passage says “one of” something from Adam. Is the author suggesting he had more than one baculum?

    “So the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and while he slept took one of his ribs and closed up its place with flesh.”

  76. Michael Ledo says:

    The so called scholar has no idea where the story originated. In Babylon it was Nin-ti, the lady of the rib. In this story it was the rib too. The two tales are related. The reason why the rib is explained in the fact creation stories are typically cosmic myths. In this case the creation story starts at the ancient summer solstice. Eve, or Virgo, her constellation equivalent was part of a larger constellation of Asad which represented Adam. Virgo’s head was at the lion’s rib. When the Greeks broke up the constellation Asad, “the rib” was now at the tail of Leo. The rabbis created a tale by which Eve was taken from Adam;s tale. The translators knew it was a rib, because they were familiar with astrology.

  77. Chaim Bergstein says:

    You neglected the other translation of Tzela as a side- implies that they were created back to back and divided

  78. Michael says:

    Which mammals have a penis bone?

  79. Sharon says:

    All sexual innuendo aside, this makes sense. It supports an underlying Law of Life that threads through the creation story and prime directive — to be fruitful and multiply. It also coincides with the spiritual mystery of marital one-ness. If you take the gutter out of it, it’s kinda beautiful.

  80. Monique says:

    So you do the math 🙂

  81. Monique says:

    We historians know for many years now that the Babylonian word “TI” means “rib” AND “create”; the Goddess NIN-TI created mankind according to the Babylonian/Sumerian myth. And the Jews were banished to Babylon for generations and began to write their texts there…..

  82. Robert says:

    Ribs do not branch from the spinal cord. Rather, the spinal column.

  83. Danny sommer says:

    Good try mr. Zevit, but your theory does not hold water, if you get my meaning.

  84. Naing Billygraham says:

    Let me pray and waiting Gods reply….
    Whatever maybe evrything is created by God saviour.

  85. Mike Barker says:

    Having reached my mid-50s, this explains a lot.

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