Caves and Contents (Cave 3)


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Caves and Contents

Cave 3

Cave 3 was found by archaeologists in March 1952. It contained fragments of Ezekiel, Psalms, Lamentations and a commentary on Isaiah, but the most unusual find was the Copper Scroll, a long inscribed metal sheet, which may be a list of Temple treasure.

Further Reading

3Q15: The Mysterious Copper Scroll, Bible Review 8:04, Aug 1992, By P. Kyle McCarter Jr.

Contents found in Cave 3:

3Q1: Ezekial

3Q2: Psalms

3Q3: Lamentations

3Q4: Pesher Isaiah

3Q5: Jubilees

3Q6: Hymn

3Q7: Testament of Judah

3Q8: unclassified, mentions Angel of Peace

3Q9: sectarian text?

3Q10-14: unclassified

3Q15: Copper Scroll


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