Caves and Contents (Cave 2)


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Caves and Contents


Cave 2

Discovered by archaeologists who had been excavating the site of Qumran, Cave 2 was found in February 1952 near Cave 1. It contained fragments of many Biblical books, including all Five Books of Moses (the Book of Leviticus is written in old Hebrew script), Jeremiah, Psalms and others, and the apocryphal Book of Enoch. Also found were thongs (photo above) used for tying the scrolls.
Contents found in Cave 2:
2Q1: Genesis
2Q2: Exodus
2Q3: Exodus
2Q4: Exodus
2Q5: Paleo-Leviticus
2Q6: Numbers
2Q7: Numbers
2Q8: Numbers
2Q9: Numbers
2Q10: Deuteronomy
2Q11: Deuteronomy
2Q12: Deuteronomy
2Q13: Jeremiah
2Q14: Psalms
2Q15: Job
2Q16: Ruth
2Q17: Ruth
2Q18: Sirach
2Q19: Jubilees
2Q20: Jubilees
2Q21: Apocryphon of Moses
2Q22: Aprocyrphon of David
2Q23: Apocyrphal prophecy
2Q24: New Jerusalem
2Q25: Legal documents
2Q26: Enoch Giants
2Q27-33: unclassified


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