Biblical Archaeology Review, Summer 2021

In homes May 28th, 2021

single-magazine-issue-imageIn the Summer 2021 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review, read touching tributes from family, friends, and BAS staff as they remember the late Hershel Shanks, BAR’s founder and Editor Emeritus. But, as Hershel no doubt would have wanted, the summer issue features a little something for everyone interested in the Bible and archaeology! Find out how many New Testament religious figures can be identified from evidence beyond the Bible, or learn about the ancient Hebrew alphabet and its usage for more than a millennium. Read how early translations of the Hebrew word for “ark” influenced ancient depictions of Noah’s fabled seaworthy vessel in surprising ways. The Summer 2021 issue also charts the routes used by Jesus and other Jewish pilgrims to reach Jerusalem, looks at an expanded re-telling of Noah’s birth preserved in the Dead Sea Scrolls, and examines fingerprints preserved on ancient pottery.

Visit us online, at Bible History Daily, to see the latest news in biblical archaeology or delve into additional articles, eBooks, and videos about key Bible and archaeology topics. Investigate Egyptian artistic influences on the Ark of the Covenant in an article by Egyptologist and Bible scholar David Falk. Then explore a detailed report of recent salvage excavations at Tel Beit Shemesh by archaeologist Boaz Gross . Read the many tributes offered in memory of Hershel Shanks, and leave your own remembrances of Hershel’s life and legacy in the page’s comments section.

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