Digging In: Tel Shimron

Tales from an untouched archaeological gold mine

This is the second post in an exclusive Bible History Daily series on excavating in the Bible lands.

Tel Shimron is one of the largest sites in one of the most important and fertile regions for biblical archaeology—the Jezreel Valley in northern Israel. With a history that stretches from the late Neolithic period (c. 5500 B.C.E.) up to the modern day, the city of Shimron was extremely influential in antiquity, as evidenced by its mention within ancient records as diverse as the Egyptian execration texts, the Amarna Letters, the Hebrew Bible (Joshua 11:1), and the Jerusalem Talmud. Yet, unlike many other significant sites in the Jezreel Valley, such as Megiddo, Tel Shimron was left practically untouched by modern archaeologists. That is, until the launch of the Tel Shimron Excavations in 2017.

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Since 2017, the team at Tel Shimron has been hard at work exploring this magnificent, yet practically untouched, archaeological treasure. So far, they have revealed sections of a massive Early Bronze Age city (c. 3300–2000 B.C.E.), as well as intriguing and expansive remains from many other periods, including more recent times when it was used as a transient camp during the British Mandate period. We caught up with volunteers, students, and directors at Tel Shimron during their 2022 dig season to ask what makes this site so intriguing for scholars and so exciting for students.

Tel Shimron Excavations

Overlooking the excavations at Tel Shimron. Courtesy Nathan Steinmeyer.


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