2024 Dig Scholarship Winners

Congratulating BAS’s 2024 Scholarship Winners

For almost four decades, the Biblical Archaeology Society has been connecting volunteers with opportunities to participate in some of the most exciting and groundbreaking archaeological excavations in the Near East and around the Mediterranean. In this pursuit, BAS puts together a yearly list of dig sites looking for volunteers, in addition to offering dig scholarships. For the 2024 excavation season, BAS received many incredible applicants for our dig scholarship program and we are pleased to highlight this year’s winners. All images courtesy the scholarship recipients.

Catherine Corbin

Hippos, Israel

Catherine CorbinCatherine is a graduate of Gordon College (B.A.) and the University of St. Andrews in Scotland (M.Litt.). In 2022, she studied biblical history and geography at Jerusalem University College. She is currently a student at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and plans to begin a doctoral program in the coming year.

Grace Gleisner

Amyklai, Greece

Grace GleisnerGrace is an undergraduate student at the University of Evansville studying archaeology and classics. She is particularly interested in ancient languages, the interactions between empires and their conquered territories, ancient Christianity, and transport amphoras and maritime trade.

Harry Gold

Tel Burna, Israel

Harry GoldHarry is an undergraduate student at Yale University. He is studying archaeology and cognitive science. Growing up in a Jewish family, he has always dreamed of spending time in Israel, and his classes in his first semester of college pointed him in the direction of archaeology.

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James Gold

Pyla-Vigla, Cyprus

James GoldJames, a professional artist deeply inspired by antiquity, is entering the field of archaeological illustration through his inaugural field project at Pyla-Vigla. Currently pursuing his MFA in painting at Boston University, James holds a BFA from Cooper Union and was awarded a Fulbright to Italy.

Katelyn Rollins

Alexandria, Egypt

Katelyn Rollins
Katelyn will soon graduate with a Master of Arts in maritime archaeology from East Carolina University. Her thesis is on ancient Egyptian watercraft iconography, and she is thrilled to be a part of a maritime archaeology field program in Alexandria.

Bruno Soltic

Tel Burna, Israel

Bruno SolticBruno is a Florida-based history and religions teacher and father of three who is currently advancing his passion for the past through archaeology studies at Lipscomb University.

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Michael Stewart-Bernard

Cerro del Villar, Spain

Michael Stewart-BernardMichael is a Ph.D. student in UCLA’s Near Eastern Languages and Cultures department. He obtained a B.A. in anthropological archaeology from the California State University Sacramento (2020) and an M.A. in archaeology from Cornell University (2022). He is interested in applying anthropological methods on the development of complex hierarchical social structures in the Middle Bronze Age.

Obey Wibinnov Sianipar

Tel Burna

Obey Wibinnov SianiparObey is a native of Indonesia and graduated from the Boston University School of Theology. He is an avid traveler. His 7.5-month overland travel from Jakarta to Cairo across 13 countries has made him witness the richness of the world’s history and culture, made available by the continuous work of archaeologists.

Becky Wisdom

Idalion, Cyprus

Becky WisdomBecky is originally from Ore City, Texas, but is currently a senior at Lycoming College in Pennsylvania majoring in archaeology and religion with a minor in medieval studies. She is super excited to attend her first excavation.

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