Thomas E. Levy Presents Cyber-Archaeology in a Holy Land

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Tom Levy’s Cyber-Archaeology research with the UCSD-Calit2 researchers has been adapted into the comprehensive FREE BAS eBook Cyber-Archaeology in the Holy Land: The Future of the Past. Explore the new 21st-century toolkit—from site to lab to visualization—along with new insights on Biblical Archaeology.


At a recent TEDx conference in Sonoma County, archaeologist and BAR contributor Thomas E. Levy gave an illuminating lecture on technology and its usage in Biblical archaeology. His lucid talk makes the subject matter accessible to all, yet new and illuminating to archaeologists and techies alike.

Levy is Distinguished Professor and holds the Norma Kershaw Chair in the Archaeology of Ancient Israel and Neighboring Lands at the University of California, San Diego. He is a member of the Department of Anthropology and Judaic Studies Program, and leads the Cyber-archaeology research group at the California Center of Telecommunications and Information Technology. He is the co-director of the Khirbat Faynan (Biblical Punon) excavation in Jordan.


Download your FREE copy of the BAS eBook Cyber-Archaeology in the Holy Land: The Future of the Past by Thomas Levy and the UCSD-Calit2 team.


Read the Bible History Daily post “Condemned to Mine Copper: Early Christian persecution at Faynan, Jordan” to learn more about Thomas Levy’s research.

Visit the Digital Archaeology Atlas of the Holy Land.



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Read Thomas Levy’s full articles as they appeared in BAR.

Najjar, Mohammad and Levy, Thomas E., “Condemned to the Mines.” Biblical Archaeology Review, Nov/Dec 2011.

Levy, Thomas E., Najjar, Mohammad. “Edom & Copper.” Biblical Archaeology Review, Jul/Aug 2006.

Levy, Thomas E. “From Camels to Computers: A Short History of Archaeological Method.” Biblical Archaeology Review, Jul/Aug 1995

Levy, Thomas E. “How Ancient Man First Utilized the Rivers in the Desert.” Biblical Archaeology Review, Nov/Dec 1990.



Read more about the TEDx conference.

Click here to view the video on the TEDx youtube page.

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