Digs 2016

Field notes from excavations in the Biblical world


Volunteers at Ashkelon. Photo: Courtesy of Tracy Hoffman.

Hot, dusty days and nights full of learning—this is the life of an archaeologist during the excavation season. Working from dawn to dusk, everyone—from excavation directors to first-year volunteers—contributes to the effort of unearthing and interpreting the past. This is no easy task but requires countless hours of pickaxing, hauling dirt, sweeping floors, measuring, sifting, washing pottery and a host of other duties.

Want to learn what it’s like on a dig from the excavators themselves? Experience the 2016 field season with articles and photos from excavations across the Biblical world—straight out of the trenches. Check our website throughout the summer for new features on the digs at Jezreel, Ashkelon, Tel Dan and more!

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The Jezreel Expedition

You Don’t Have to Be an Archaeologist to Dig the Bible

It Takes More Than Moving Dirt to Dig the Bible

Jezreel Through Time


Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon

Ashkelon’s Last Hurrah

First-Ever Philistine Cemetery Unearthed at Ashkelon

Ashkelon Through the Ages
Israel Museum, Jerusalem exhibit highlights Ashkelon excavation


The Magdala Project

Excavating the Hometown of Mary Magdalene

The Fishy Secret to Ancient Magdala’s Economic Growth


Tel Dan

The Renewed Excavations at Tel Dan


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