Sidon Archaeology Museum to Share Artifacts from the Biblical City

The Lebanese newspaper The Daily Star shared this artists rendering of the upcoming Sidon archaeology museum.

The rich cultural heritage of Lebanon’s third-largest city will soon be preserved and presented on site as developers plan the construction of a brand-new archaeology museum in Sidon. Named after Canaan’s eldest son in the Bible, the Phoenician city of Sidon (or Saida) features in many Hebrew Bible and New Testament narratives, from Solomon’s foreign influence to the setting of one of Jesus’ miracles.

The museum will be built at the Frère site, where British Museum-run excavations have exposed several millennia of history over the past fourteen field seasons. The exhibit will feature artifacts from Sidon reaching back as far as the fourth millennium B.C.E., and museum developers hope the new construction will help shape the city’s narrative by tying together a diverse range of local cultures and Mediterranean influences.

Read more in The Daily Star.

Read more about the excavation at ancient Saida in the Bible History Daily feature British Museum Excavations at Sidon Expose Millennia of History.

Take a look at a unique artifact from ancient Saida in Worldwide: Saida, Lebanon.

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