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“Jesus Tomb” Controversy Erupts—Again

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The following was posted by Joe Zias on the biblical-studies and ANE-2 discussion groups on Yahoo:

BAR is currently running an item on the Talpiot tomb controversy/seminar and readers can write in their comments. One of the comments listed below was posted by Felix, one of the films co-producers working with Simcha J. Luckily someone at BAR noticed the name and added the fact that the writer was the co-producer and therefore directly involved.

As far as the co-producers choice of words that Discovery “chickened out” and refused to rebroadcast it, I would rephrase it to, “they got smart.” In fact, Discovery did a follow up documentary on SJ’s documentary which was so damaging to Discovery and those that produced the film that they withdrew it for fear that the public would view it and be aware of what lengths film makers and their handful of supporters will go when 3.5 million dollars are riding on it. The figure of $3.5 million dollars was just for the film, there was a book along with it, which is now on for sale, on the web, for change. Their creditability along with a handful of supporters connected with the controversy has been doomed from the beginning and those few colleagues who feel the need for being on the “big screen” should take a lesson as to where cooperation with some film makers eventually leads. The truth is that from the beginning, most of us have been boycotting their attempts to get us to cooperate, those that succumbed, paid the price. Unfortunately, some students will as well.

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