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“Jesus Tomb” Controversy Erupts—Again

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In my estimation what came out of the Symposium is that there is no evidence—historical, archaeological, epigraphic, scientific (in terms of DNA and patina studies), architectural/artistic or otherwise—to support the idea that the Talpiot tomb was the family tomb of Jesus. Moreover, from my personal association with the excavator Yosef Gath in the 1980s I do not believe that he ever made any connection between the ossuary inscriptions in the tomb and names appearing in the Gospels. I also repudiate the claim made by the film-makers of “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” that the Symposium had in any way vindicated their argument. In fact, the opposite is true and scholars were hard-pressed to find any evidence supporting the notion of a Jesus family tomb at Talpiot.
—From the University of the Holy Land Web site

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