Warehouse Clearance! — Every Book and DVD under $10

DVDs Great for Stuffing Stockings, covering nights of Hanukah, or simply for the love of Biblical Archaeology

In more than 40 years, we have never held a sale like this. For amateur archaeologists, students of Bible history, anyone interested in bible study, or the history of Israel and the ancient near east, this is the Cyber Monday spectacular not to miss. All of our DVDs and DVD sets normally from $49.95 to $149.95 have been reduced to $5 for cyberweek (while supplies last). Stock up on these amazing values today.


Seminars from top Bible Scholars and Archaeologists

In each of these DVDs, a leading expert gives multiple talks to explore an area of Bible and archaeology with you, in some depth.

In God, The Bible & Human Suffering, top scholar Bart Ehrman tackles one of the toughest issues in religious understanding. He brings his expertise on the New Testament and early Christianity to the problem of suffering, sharing the Bible’s viewpoint in a series of four lectures.

Other Seminars Include:
Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Four fascinating lectures by James H. Charlesworth.

Bible Stories: How Narratives Work and What They Reveal Ziony Zevit examines the art of storytelling via some of the most famous stories in the Bible.

Chasing Canonical Characters. Ten hours of talks on biblical people from Adam & Eve to Elijah & Jezebel, from feminist biblical scholar Phyllis Trible.

God’s Images in the Prophetic Books. Images of God, God as Warrior, God as Husband, and God as Father, talks by Julia M. O’Brien, examining the Prophetic Books.

Peasants, Widows, Bandits and Beggars: The Everyday World in Which Jesus Lived Richard L. Rohrbaugh covers 10 topics, focusing on both Jesus and the common life of the world which he inhabited.



Lecture Sets, each featuring multiple leading experts

A bit like getting Bible Fest on your TV or computer without the trip, each of these DVDs features multiple leading experts, each talking on a topic they are passionate to share with us. The lecturers on these DVDs include dozens of the top names in biblical archaeology, men and women who have written for Biblical Archaeology Review over the decades, and who have led the field forward, enhancing our understanding of the Bible history of both the old and new testament periods.

Speakers include: Susan Ackerman, Rami Arav, Robert Cargill, Eric Cline, Michael Coogan, Sidnie White Crawford, April DeConick, William G. Deaver, Bart Ehrman, Israel Finkelstein, Yosef Garfinkel, Mark Goodacre, Leonard Greenspoon, James Hoffmeier, Amy-Jill Levine, Aren Maier, James D. Tabor, Ben Witherington III, and more.


Biblical Archaeology Documentaries

Where Jesus Walked
Biblical Archaeology Society’s best-selling DVD of all time



This is the chance to collect the lectures of many of the top voices in the field of biblical Archaeology for the unbeatable price of $5 for each DVD or set. Take advantage of this cybermonday blowout while supplies last, for gifts or as a gift to yourself. Buy now.

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