Celebrate 40 Years of BAR

Biblical Archaeology Review’s 40th anniversary

bar-mf15Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR), the largest and most popular Biblical archaeology magazine in circulation with more than a quarter million readers worldwide, is celebrating its 40th anniversary with the March/April 2015 issue.

No question: BAR is exciting and beautiful—with glorious color pictures. And many of the world’s leading archaeologists and Biblical scholars write popular articles for it. But BAR is also controversial, especially with regard to its editor, Hershel Shanks.

Celebrate BAR’s 40th birthday with us by learning what inspired Hershel to create a Biblical archaeology magazine for a broad audience, how eminent scholars Eric and Carol Meyers view the past 40 years of the Biblical archaeology field and more!

How BAR Was Born
Hershel Shanks reflects on the birth, evolution and legacy of Biblical Archaeology Review.

Biblical Archaeology: Whither and Whence
Giants in the field of Biblical archaeology, Eric and Carol Meyers sit down with BAR’s editor to discuss the past 40 years of Biblical archaeology, including the controversy surrounding the very name Biblical archaeology.

BAR Anniversary Bible Quiz
In honor of our 40th anniversary, we’ve compiled a list of 40 momentous Biblical events and trivia. Test your knowledge of the Bible and see if you can guess the answers—no cheating!


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