Biblical Archaeology Programs in the Washington, D.C. Area

The Washington, D.C.-area Biblical Archaeology Forum (BAF) and Biblical Archaeology Society of Northern Virginia (BASONOVA) will be hosting a series of lectures starting this week and continuing through spring 2014. Upcoming talks include Marina Rustow (Johns Hopkins University) presenting the Cairo Geniza (9/11/13), Robert Miller (Catholic University) discussing agricultural landscapes of ancient Israel (9/15/13), Ann Killebrew (Penn State) discussing the excavations at Tel Akko (10/16/13) and Eric Cline (George Washington University) presenting the latest discoveries from the 2013 field season at Tel Kabri (10/20/13).

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The Biblical Archaeology Forum

Now in its third decade, the Biblical Archaeology Forum (BAF) presents a series of scholarly lectures on the latest archaeological research findings and related fields such as history and texts of ancient times. Reservations are not required. Fees per lecture are $5 Residents of Revitz House, Ring House and students; $8 BASONOVA & JCCGW members; and $10 for the general public. For more information, please contact [email protected]. (Text from the BAF website)


BASONOVA is a non-sectarian society open to anyone who has an interest in biblical-era archaeology or the history of ancient times. Our members are drawn from all walks of life and live predominantly in Northern Virginia, Montgomery County and the District of Columbia. We call ourselves a society because there is an important social aspect to our organization.
We meet eight times a year, usually on Sunday afternoons at a restaurant in the Metropolitan DC area, to sample ethnic food, enjoy engaging table talk, and listen to well-informed scholars and field archaeologists. Many of these lecturers have international reputations and educate us for an hour with richly illustrated images of their work. BASONOVA began in 1995 as an unofficial offshoot of Hershel Shanks’ Biblical Archaeology Society and has grown to become a popular destination to meet a wide range of warm and thoughtful people interested in the biblical history and archaeology of ancient times. (Text from the BASONOVA website)

For even more seminar and tour programs, visit the Biblical Archaeology Society’s Travel/Study page.


Schedule of Events

Click the link following each lecture to read a lecture summary on the BAF/BASONOVA websites.

9/11/13 Cairo Geniza Marina Rustow, Johns Hopkins University, BAF.

9/15/13 Agricultural Landscapes of Ancient Israel Robert Miller, Catholic University, BASONOVA.

10/16/13 Excavations at Tel Akko Ann Killebrew, Penn State, BAF.

10/20/13 Newest Finds from Tel Kabri Eric Cline, George Washington University. Dr. Cline will be joined by Kabri excavator, GW student and BAS/BASONOVA scholarship winner Ariel Polokoff, BASONOVA.

11/22/13 Megiddo and Ancient Israel: What’s New Israel Finkelstein, Tel Aviv University. The Biblical Archaeology Society’s 16th annual Bible and Archaeology Fest’s plenary address is co-sponsored by BAF and BASONOVA.

12/11/13 Medicines in the Ancient World Alain Touwaide, Smithsonian, BAF.

1/5/14 Why Did Kush Defend Judah in 701 BC? Jeremy Pope, William & Mary, BASONOVA.

2/9/14 Era of the Living Dead: Memory, Sacrifice and the “Royal” Tombs at Umm el-Marra, Syria Glenn Schwartz, Johns Hopkins, BASONOVA.

2/12/14 Documents from the Cave of Letters in the Bar Kokhba Period Andrew Gross, Catholic University, BAF.

3/12/14 Visualizing the Afterlife: Monumental Tombs of Graeco-Roman Egypt Marjorie Venit, University of Maryland, BAF.

3/16/14 A History of the Coptic Church Robie Samanta Roy (St. Mark Docent), 2/9/14, BASONOVA.

4/2/14 Politics of Dead Kings: Dynastic Ancestors in the Book of Kings and Ancient Israel Matthew Suriano, University of Maryland, BAF.

4/13/14 Celebrating the High Life in Ancient Pompeii Carol Mattusch, George Mason, BASONOVA.

5/18/14 Roots of Israelite Monotheism: Evidence from Archaeology & Texts Mark Smith, NYU, and Elizabeth Bloch-Smith, NYU and the Jewish Theological Seminary. BAF and BASONOVA.

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