Sean Freyne (1935–2013)

Sean Freyne, one of Ireland’s most respected theologians, died on August 5, 2013, at age 78.

Dr. Freyne was emeritus professor of theology in the School of Religions and Theology, Trinity College (Dublin). He was a prominent authority on the social and religious world of Galilee in Hellenistic and Roman times, the historical Jesus, the Gospels and aspects of early Jewish and early Christian history and development.* He was particularly known for his publications on ancient Galilee during the time of Jesus, including Galilee from Alexander the Great to Hadrian 323 B.C.E. to 135 C.E.: A Study of Second Temple Judaism; Galilee, Jesus and the Gospels: Literary Approaches and Historical Investigations; Galilee and Gospel: Collected Essays and Jesus, a Jewish Galilean. He was a trustee of the Chester Beatty Library of Oriental Art (Dublin), a member of the Royal Irish Academy and a fellow of Trinity College.

* See “Jesus of History vs. Jesus of Tradition,” BAR, November/December 2010.

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