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Pella Odeion Church

Jul 25

Pella: A Window on Survival

By: Mark Wilson

Eusebius recounts that the Jewish followers of Jesus heeded his warning and fled to Pella for safety before Jerusalem’s destruction.

Jul 25

Excavating Ancient Pella, Jordan

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

According to fourth-century church historian Eusebius, on the eve of Jerusalem’s destruction by the Romans in 70 A.D., Jesus’ followers miraculously escaped the city and fled to Pella of the Decapolis in Jordan. Did this miraculous event occur? Is there evidence of first-century Christians at ancient Pella?

Archaeologists excavating the House, in a residential section of Balu‘a. Photo courtesy Friedbert Ninow / Balu‘a Regional Archaeological Project

Jul 24

A City in the Moabite Heartland

By: BAS Staff

The kingdom of Moab, located across the Dead Sea to the east of biblical Israel and Judah, is referenced regularly in the Hebrew Bible. Yet […]


Jul 23

Ancient Combat Sports

By: Michael B. Poliakoff

Three ancient Olympic combat events—wrestling, boxing and pancratium—reveal much about the aspirations and values of ancient Greece, about what was deemed honorable, fair and beautiful, both in the eyes of those of who competed and those who traveled to Olympia to watch.


Jul 23

Asherah and the Asherim: Goddess or Cult Symbol?

By: Ellen White

Who is Asherah? What is asherah? The reference may be to a particular goddess, a class of goddess or a cult symbol used to represent the goddess. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish what meaning is intended.

Jul 22

Does the Past Inform the Present?

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

Editor’s Note: This Bible History Daily article discusses an unprovenanced object. Learn more about the problems associated with objects that lack a secure archaeological context. Archaeological objects are […]


Jul 21

10 Things to Know About the Assyrian Empire

By: Robin Ngo

The Assyrians referenced in the Hebrew Bible were a mighty force that exerted power over much of the Near East, including Israel and Judah, in the ninth through seventh centuries B.C.E.

Jul 20

The Church of Laodicea in the Bible and Archaeology

By: Megan Sauter

Laodicea was a wealthy city in western Turkey that flourished for centuries. Why does the author of the Book of Revelation call the church of Laodicea “lukewarm”—neither hot nor cold? Recent excavations at the site might provide the answer.

roman warrior goddess

Jul 19

Roman Warrior Goddess on Mount Carmel

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

While hiking on Mt. Carmel outside of Haifa, a young teenager spotted an object on the ground that he originally took to be a rusty […]


Jul 18

How the Serpent in the Garden Became Satan

By: Shawna Dolansky

The serpent in the Garden of Eden is portrayed as just that: a serpent. The story in Genesis 2–3 contains no hint that he embodies the devil, Satan or any other evil power. So where does the devil come into the details of Eden? Biblical scholar Shawna Dolansky examines how the serpent became Satan.