May 28

Preview the Summer 2022 Issue

By: BAS. Staff

May 25

Israelite Pottery and Household Life

By: Jennifer Drummond

Sustainability is something we hear about a lot these days. New items are developed every day to help reduce waste in our daily lives. One […]

Shroud of Turin

Apr 6

The Shroud of Turin: Anything Left to Say?

By: Andrea Nicolotti

Today many consider the Shroud of Turin—the alleged burial cloth of Jesus of Nazareth—to be the most important relic of Christianity.1 It is a linen […]

Paul and Pri

Mar 1

Priscilla in the New Testament

By: Jonathan Laden

The name of Priscilla in the New Testament does not come up often in Bible study. Yet, as Ben Witherington III explains in “Priscilla—An Extraordinary […]

Feb 25

Spring 2022 Caption Contest

By: BAS Staff

Take part in our ever-popular Caption Contest. Write a caption for this cartoon based on Jonah 1:17: “But the LORD provided a large fish to […]

Feb 25

Fall 2021 Caption Contest Winners


And the Winner Is … “And you called me an ass!” —Vernon Moyer, Hickory, North Carolina Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries […]

Feb 21

Step Into Moabite Jordan

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

Perched along Wadi Balu’a, the site of Khirbat al-Baluʿa controlled the major north-south route through Transjordan. The most extensive period of occupation at Baluʿa dates […]

Woman, Unnamed

Feb 19

The Three Most Important Women in Mark’s Gospel—All Unnamed

By: James Tabor

Clearly in Mark the 12 male disciples are complete failures and are never presented as heroes, even at the end. However, what we do find in Mark, in stark contrast to this chosen group, are three unnamed women who become Mark’s heroines and carry the core message of the entire book for those readers with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Feb 15

Excavate Jesus’s Roman Galilee

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

Want a first-hand look at life in Roman Galilee? Investigate history for yourself this summer as part of the Shikhin excavation team, which will be […]

Feb 2

Troublesome Translations

By: Jennifer Drummond

Every language uses wordplay and idioms to convey meaning and add something to both texts and everyday speech. Alliteration is one of the most prevalent […]