Queries & Comments

Queries & Comments

BAR Spring 2021 Cover

Feb 26

More Queries & Comments, Spring 2021

By: BAS Staff

INFORMAL FORMAT REQUESTS   PLEASE INCREASE THE FONT and bring back the pleasure of reading the magazine. Reducing the font size reminds me of the […]

Nov 13

More Queries & Comments, Winter 2020

By: BAS Staff

Early Christian Manuscripts THANK YOU FOR THE HELPFUL ARTICLE “How Old Are the Oldest Christian Manuscripts?” (BAR, Summer 2020), I think overall this is an […]

Jul 30

More Queries & Comments, Fall 2020

By: BAS Staff

  Good and Bad Archaeology AS SOMEONE WHO SPENT A CAREER in the physical sciences (physics and geophysics), I would gently point out that while […]

BAR Summer 2020

May 15

More Queries & Comments, Summer 2020

By: BAS Staff

Outstanding, as Always I have subscribed to BAR for decades and like the comments of Scorpio Steele posted under “More Queries & Comments” on the […]

Feb 27

More Queries & Comments, Spring 2020

By: BAS Staff

Jacob “Safely” in Shechem Editors, Seriously? Shalem is a city near Shechem and Malchizedek was the king of Sodom? (First Person: “From Shalem to Jerusalem,” […]

Dec 11

More Queries & Comments, January/February 2020

By: BAS Staff

Gender Equality Please stick to biblical archaeology and leave the social engineering to others. We are all bombarded with politics 24/7 and I have no […]