May 15

Paul’s First Missionary Journey through Perga and Pisidian Antioch

By: Noah Wiener

Paul’s first missionary journey took him from Cyprus into the heart of Anatolia. Explore the route with a web-exclusive slideshow.

Mar 12

The Arch of Titus in Color

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

Watch an exclusive video of digital scanning conducted on the famed Arch of Titus.

Mar 11

Doctors, Diseases and Deities: Epidemic Crises and Medicine in Ancient Rome

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

In this lecture presented at The Explorers Club in New York, Sarah Yeomans examines a recently excavated archaeological site that has substantially contributed to our understanding of what ancient Romans did to combat disease and injury.


Apr 14

The Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela

By: Megan Sauter

With 11 rock-hewn churches, Lalibela, Ethiopia, is understandably a place of pilgrimage for those in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Explore Lalibela’s spectacular subterranean churches in this web-exclusive slideshow.


Apr 12

Joseph A. Fitzmyer, S.J. (1920–2016)

By: John R. Donahue

On Dec. 24, 2016, Joseph Fitzmyer died at the Jesuit Manresa Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was recognized as one of the premier Biblical scholars of his generation.

Apr 3

Ara Pacis Illuminated

By: Robin Ngo

Using NASA data and 3D modeling, researchers have dispelled a long-held theory regarding the relationship between two famous monuments in ancient Rome.

May 19

Video: How to Make a Mudbrick at Tell Timai (Ancient Thmuis)

By: Robert Littman and Jay Silverstein

Excavation staff member Marta Lorenzon provides a look into the creation of new mudbricks to conserve the ancient walls at Tell Timai.

Jul 2

Video: Tell Timai 2014 — Week Two

By: Robert Littman and Jay Silverstein

Explore an Egyptian excavation. Meet Kufti archaeologists, explore ancient streets and the mudbricks that shaped them and dive into the port of Alexandria.


Jun 23

David and Uriah

By: Jacob L. Wright

Listen as Emory University Hebrew Bible professor Jacob L. Wright reads a selection from his critically acclaimed new book David, King of Israel, and Caleb in Biblical Memory. The reading treats the famous story of David’s affair with Bathsheba.

Jun 17

Video: Inside the 2014 Excavations at Tell Timai (Ancient Thmuis)

By: Robert Littman and Jay Silverstein

The 2014 excavations at Tell Timai, directed by Robert Littman and Jay Silverstein, are exposing the ancient city of Thmuis in the Egyptian Nile Delta. In this studio-quality production, Tell Timai archaeologists provide a look at their dig site and their 2014 research while providing viewers with a taste of travel in Egypt and the atmosphere on an archaeological field crew.