Apr 1

OnSite: The Via Dolorosa

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

 According to many Christian traditions, the Via Dolorosa (Latin for the “Way of Suffering”) marks the processional route taken by Jesus of Nazareth on […]


Oct 26

The Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela

By: Megan Sauter

With 11 rock-hewn churches, Lalibela, Ethiopia, is understandably a place of pilgrimage for those in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Explore Lalibela’s spectacular subterranean churches in this web-exclusive slideshow.

Dec 19

OnSite: Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

 Six miles south of Jerusalem sits what is thought to be the oldest continually used place of Christian worship in the world, Bethlehem’s Church […]

May 23

OnSite: Caesarea Maritima

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

The ancient city of Caesarea Maritima, built during the reign of Herod the Great in the late first century B.C.E., played an important role in […]

Apr 4

OnSite: The Walls of Jerusalem

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

The walls of Jerusalem have shifted many times throughout history and today large sections of the ancient city lie outside the current Ottoman-era fortifications. Despite […]

Apr 8

Biblical Archaeology Review Magazine’s Current Digital Issue Now Available Free, Online

By: BAS Staff

CONTACT: Jennifer Drummond Email: [email protected] WASHINGTON, DC: April 8, 2020—The Biblical Archaeology Society, publisher of Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR), has opened its Spring 2020 issue free […]

Feb 12

Lost Books, Scribal Authority, and Abraham against the Egyptians in Genesis Apocryphon

By: Andrew Perrin

Any time that a character in the Bible discovers, accesses, or writes a book, it’s significant. Yet are these mentions of media about an actual […]

Sep 15

Video: Moses the Magician

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

Watch a full-length lecture by Rutgers University scholar Gary Rendsburg online for free.

Mar 12

The Arch of Titus in Color

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

Watch an exclusive video of digital scanning conducted on the famed Arch of Titus.

Mar 11

Doctors, Diseases and Deities: Epidemic Crises and Medicine in Ancient Rome

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

In this lecture presented at The Explorers Club in New York, Sarah Yeomans examines a recently excavated archaeological site that has substantially contributed to our understanding of what ancient Romans did to combat disease and injury.