"Upper Room" in basement of St. Marks

Mar 25

The Other Upper Room

By: Jonathan Klawans

The traditional location of the Last Supper—the Crusader era “Upper Room,” known also as the Cenacle—has one thing going for it: height. The only location-specific […]

BAR Spring 2021 Cover

Feb 22

Spring 2021 Issue of BAR Coming Soon

By: BAS Staff

Take a pilgrimage to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the revered site of Jesus’s death, burial, and resurrection, in the Spring 2021 issue of […]


Nov 13

Machaerus Through the Ages 

By: Győző Vörös 

Timeline of Events at Machaerus   Late Hellenistic (Hasmonean) Period  c. 90 B.C.: The Machaerus fortress was founded by King Alexander Jannaeus. During the reign […]

Nov 4

Biblical Archaeology Review, Winter 2020

By: BAS Staff

Step inside King Herod’s palace-fortress at Machaerus, east of the Dead Sea, in the Winter 2020 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review. BAR readers get a […]

Ishtar Gate

Jul 31

Virtual Museum Tours

By: Megan Sauter

In light of the global pandemic, museums throughout the world have closed their physical doors. Yet rather than pausing their educational mission, many have opened […]

BAS Logo

Jul 23

Fall 2020 Issue of BAR

By: BAS Staff

For millennia, humans have attempted to depict the divine. The Fall 2020 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review offers some intriguing examples of this phenomenon. Early Christian depictions of Jesus in which he holds a "magic wand". What John 1 means when it says “God is love.” And a new archaeological discovery.

BAR Summer 2020

May 15

More Queries & Comments, Summer 2020

By: BAS Staff

Outstanding, as Always I have subscribed to BAR for decades and like the comments of Scorpio Steele posted under “More Queries & Comments” on the […]

Feb 24

Spring 2020 Issue Is Coming Soon!

By: BAS Staff

Dig into several archaeological mysteries in the Spring 2020 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review. Although archaeologists have been searching for biblical sites for centuries, certain […]