First Person: Bob Cargill

First Person: Bob Cargill

Jan 23

And Now for Something Completely Different

By: Robert Cargill

How does one properly welcome a new year of BAR following a 2020 season that saw almost all excavation in the Holy Land halted due […]

Nov 13

First Person: A Magazine, Not a Journal

By: Bob Cargill

Our first directive is to report news about archaeology of the lands of the Bible to the general public; we are not a peer-reviewed journal […]

Jul 30

First Person: Unprovenanced Antiquities: Learning the Hard Way

By: Robert R. Cargill

The Museum of the Bible is once again playing defense. After a series of embarrassing setbacks that struck at the heart of its credibility as […]

May 15

First Person: What Does Archaeology Say about Effective Peace Treaties?

By: Robert Cargill

I recently lectured on ancient treaties. These fall into two main categories: parity treaties between two relatively equal parties and suzerain-vassal treaties between a dominant, […]

Feb 27

First Person: Where Is the Real Biblical Bethsaida?

By: Robert R. Cargill

  It is no wonder that the signs designating Tel Beit Tsaida, or Bethsaida, a little more than a mile northeast of the Sea of […]

Jan Feb 2020 Special Dig Issue

Dec 11

First Person: Introducing the New BAR

By: Robert Cargill

By now you may have noticed we’ve made some changes to this first issue of 2020. In addition to some of the policy changes we’ve […]