Sep 21

High Tech Romans

By: Jennifer Drummond

Through January 15, 2023 Landesmuseum Mainz, Germany landesmuseum-mainz.de “What have the Romans ever done for us?” A question famously asked (and answered) in Monty Python’s […]

Jul 13

Facelift: Revealing the Beauty of Early Islamic Art

By: Robert Bronder

After a five-year, $12 million restoration effort, one of the most elaborate and expansive mosaic floors ever discovered in the Holy Land is once again […]

Jun 8

Persia and the Classical World


Through August 8, 2022 The Getty Villa Pacific Palisades, California www.getty.edu For more than a millennium, from around 550 B.C.E. to 650 C.E., ancient Greece […]

Apr 27

Unsilencing the Archives


ONLINE EXHIBIT Badè Museum of Biblical Archaeology Berkeley, California www.psr.edu/centers/bade-museum The virtual exhibition Unsilencing the Archives: The Laborers of the Tell en-Nasbeh Excavations (1926–1935) has […]

Jan 29

What Were the Words of God?

By: Donald Kane

BAF/BASONOVA Zoom Lecture Sunday, February 6 at 7:30 pm Eastern Presented by Donald Kane. Moses wrote down everything the Lord had said (Exodus 24:4) Then the Lord reached out his […]

Dec 1

Nero’s Aesthetics in the Renaissance

By: BAS Staff

Through January 7, 2022 Colosseum Archaeological Park Rome, Italy www.parcocolosseo.it Renaissance thinkers and artists looked for their inspiration in the classical civilizations of ancient Greece […]

Oct 24

Things That Go Bump in the Night

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

It seems people, even those who lived thousands of years ago, have always enjoyed a good, old-fashioned ghost story. As reported by The Guardian, an Assyriologist […]

Jesus' triumphal return to Jerusalem

Sep 3

Egypt’s Forgotten City

By: BAS Staff

One of the most important religious centers of the ancient world, the city of Akhmim in southern Egypt is presented in the exhibit Akhmim: Egypt’s Forgotten City, currently on display in the James Simon Gallery of the Berlin State Museums.

Monumental Arch Louis Vignes

Aug 20

Return to Palmyra

By: BAS Staff

During the Hellenistic and Roman periods, Palmyra (Tadmor, in Arabic), which is in central Syria, was an important caravan city, reaching its zenith in the […]

Jul 12

A Virtual Visit to the “City of Mosaics”

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

With many people unable to travel during the past year, archaeological and tourism sites across the Middle East have faced extremely difficult times. The ancient […]