Dec 18

Dig Into the Holy Land This Summer!

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

As the calendar turns to a new year, we at the Biblical Archaeology Society (BAS) take part in one of our favorite holiday traditions, the […]

Jan 20

Digging In: El-Araj

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

 Hear from archaeologists, volunteers, and students excavating El-Araj in this exclusive video. This is the latest post in Bible History Daily’s ongoing series about […]

excavating the holy land

Dec 12

Excavate the Holy Land from South to North

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

Every year, scores of excavations take place around the Holy Land, many of which rely in large part on volunteers just like you! While reading […]

Feb 21

Step Into Moabite Jordan

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

Perched along Wadi Balu’a, the site of Khirbat al-Baluʿa controlled the major north-south route through Transjordan. The most extensive period of occupation at Baluʿa dates […]

Feb 15

Excavate Jesus’s Roman Galilee

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

Want a first-hand look at life in Roman Galilee? Investigate history for yourself this summer as part of the Shikhin excavation team, which will be […]

Student from Tel Aviv University excavating at Tel Azekah

Jan 31

Excavate Israel’s “Mini-Pompeii”

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

Home to a vast expanse of human history, Israel is a country rich with opportunities for archaeological excavation. Yet while there are opportunities to dig […]

Jan 7

Dig the Biblical World

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

    Dozens of archaeological digs in Israel, Jordan, and elsewhere are looking for volunteers to help them excavate history. Whether you’re interested in the […]

May 13

New Horizons at Hazor 

By: Megan Sauter

Archaeologists with the Selz Foundation Hazor Excavations have been digging at Hazor, Israel’s largest archaeological site, since 1990. Yet, in 2020, the expedition’s directors, Amnon […]

reconstruct vessels found in fragments

May 10

Publication Push at Tel Burna

By: Megan Sauter

Situated in the Shephelah (Judean foothills), Tel Burna is a candidate for biblical Libnah. Itzick Shai of Ariel University and Steven Ortiz of Lipscomb University […]

David-Ben Shlomo , Shay Bar, and Ralph K. Hawkins at ‘Auja el-Foqa.

Apr 15

Excavating ‘Auja el-Foqa

By: Megan Sauter

Despite numerous cancelations in 2020, it was excavation as usual at ‘Auja el-Foqa, an ancient Israelite fortress in the Jordan Valley. Directed by David Ben-Shlomo […]