Tel Kabri

Tel Kabri

Jun 5

Minoan Frescoes at Tel Kabri

By: Noah Wiener

Over 100 years of excavations on Crete have exposed elegant Minoan frescoes that once adorned the walls of the island’s Bronze Age palaces. This distinctively colorful Aegean art style flourished in the Middle Bronze Age (1750-1550 B.C.).

Jan 10

Digs 2014: Layers of Meaning

By: Noah Wiener

Read BAR's annual dig feature by Noah Wiener as it appears in the Jan/Feb 2014 issue of BAR.

Nov 22

One of Civilization’s Oldest Wine Cellars?

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

At the American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) conference on Friday, November 22, Tel Kabri archaeologists announced the discovery of 40 large wine jars uncovered […]

Sep 12

Tel Kabri: The 2013 Excavations

By: Noah Wiener

The 2013 excavations at Middle Bronze Age Tel Kabri uncovered an extensive magazine containing nearly 40 restorable large Canaanite storage jars.

Jul 24

Eric H. Cline on the First Two Weeks at Tel Kabri

By: Eric H. Cline

During the third week of the Tel Kabri excavations, BAS web editor Noah Wiener sat down with Professor Eric H. Cline to discuss the progress made at Tel Kabri so far this season.

Jul 10

The Field School at Tel Kabri

By: Noah Wiener

Students at Tel Kabri have learned a diverse and advanced skill set at a field school accompanying the excavation, and we sat down with education director Alexandra Ratzlaff to learn more about the academic curriculum.

Jul 9

The Evolution of a Dig Site

By: Noah Wiener

Learn how archaeologists adapt their methodologies as they reach occupation layers and carefully examine ancient artifacts.

Jul 9

Recipe for Surviving an Archaeological Excavation

By: Marielle Velander

Marielle Velander shares her recipe for surviving life at the archaeological excavation of Middle Bronze Age Tel Kabri. We’ve shared her whimsical tips here on BHD.

Jul 3

Testimonials from the Field at Tel Kabri

By: Noah Wiener

In this blog, check out what some members of the Kabri crew have to say about the experience so far.

Jul 1

The 2013 Excavations at Tel Kabri–A Guide to the Site

By: Noah Wiener

The most exciting thing about publishing directly from the field is the ability to share the goals and discoveries of our current excavations in the summer of 2013. Take a tour of the three excavation areas.