People in the Bible

People in the Bible

Oct 5

The Edomite Stronghold of Sela

By: Glenn J. Corbett

King Amaziah of Judah (c. 801–783 B.C.E.), after having slain nearly 10,000 Edomites in battle near the southern end of the Dead Sea, is said to have thrown another 10,000 captives from the top of nearby Sela.

Sep 29

Scandalous Women in the Bible

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

Mary Magdalene, Jezebel, Rahab, Lilith. Today, each are popularly considered scandalous women in the Bible. Are these so-condemned salacious women misrepresented?

Moses and the Burning Bush

Sep 16

Moses, the Multicultural Adoptee

By: Jonathan Laden

Moses may be the single most important human in the Hebrew Bible. His role as a powerful leader who took on the state–in this case […]

Sep 15

The Biblical Moses

By: BAS Staff

Moses’ story is told in the Book of Exodus, but it starts in Genesis with the story of Abraham and his family with whom God makes a covenant.

Sep 8

A Samson Mosaic from Huqoq

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

Jodi Magness's excavations at Huqoq have exposed an elaborate Samson mosaic as well as new insights into the development of ancient synagogues.

Tell es-Safi excavation

Jul 30

Giant Goliath Slept Here

By: BAS Staff

As covered in recent articles by Ha’aretz and another by The Times of Israel, archaeologists have uncovered evidence of unusually large stone fortifications beneath the […]


Jul 15

Who Is the Wise Woman of Abel Beth Maacah?

By: BAS Staff

In 2 Samuel 20:14–22, this woman stands up to Joab, the commander of King David’s army, and adroitly negotiates the salvation of her town.

Jun 18

Josephus on the Essenes

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

Josephus’s commentaries on the laws and characteristics of the Essene community have been invaluable to scholars studying ancient Jewish laws and customs.

Jun 15

Titus Flavius Josephus and the Prophet Jeremiah

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

In the first century C.E., during the First Jewish Revolt, the Jewish historian Josephus urged his besieged countrymen in Jerusalem to surrender to the Romans. Half a millennium earlier, Jeremiah did the same thing with respect to the Babylonians.


May 21

Paul and the Slave Girl in Philippi

By: Megan Sauter

Some may be surprised that a passage in the Bible has a connection to Python from Greek mythology.