May 22

Debating the Future of Biblical Archaeology

By: Glenn J. Corbett

This past January, prominent archaeologists and biblical scholars from around the world gathered for a weekend of lectures and discussion at the Lanier Theological Library […]

May 5

Hanging Gardens of Babylon … in Assyrian Nineveh

By: Noah Wiener

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon may not be Babylonian after all—they may have been 300 miles to the north at Assyrian Nineveh, planted by Sennacherib at the start of the seventh century B.C.E.


Apr 30

What Did Gladiators Eat?

By: Robin Ngo

A study published in PLOS ONE suggests that gladiators really did eat mostly plants and may have drunk an ash tonic as described by ancient authors.


Mar 3

King Hezekiah in the Bible: Royal Seal of Hezekiah Comes to Light

By: Robin Ngo

For the first time, the royal seal of King Hezekiah in the Bible has been found in an archaeological excavation.


Feb 29

The Cyprian Plague

By: Robin Ngo

Archaeologists working in Thebes discovered a burial for victims of the 3rd-century C.E. Cyprian Plague.

Feb 18

Who Were the Minoans?

By: Noah Wiener

Crete’s Minoan civilization has long been considered Europe’s first great Bronze Age society. But who were the Minoans? A recent DNA study suggests that the Minoan civilization comprised of local Europeans rather than outsiders.

Ark Tablet

Feb 15

The Animals Went in Two by Two, According to Babylonian Ark Tablet

By: Noah Wiener

A recently translated Old Babylonian flood tablet describes how to build a circular ark.


Jan 18

Virtually Explore Jesus’ Tomb at the National Geographic Museum

By: Samuel Pfister

3-D technology brings Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre to life in the National Geographic Museum exhibit Tomb of Christ: The Church of the Holy Sepulchre Experience.


Nov 30

When Was the Hebrew Bible Written?

By: Robin Ngo

When was the Hebrew Bible written? Ostraca with Hebrew inscriptions excavated from the Iron Age fortress at Arad in Israel may provide clues, say researchers from Tel Aviv University.


Nov 18

Where Is Biblical Bethsaida?

By: Samuel DeWitt Pfister

The ancient village of Bethsaida frequently mentioned in the Gospels is believed to be located on the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee, but where precisely the abandoned city lies remains a fiercely-debated question among scholars.