Digs 2014

Digs 2014

Sep 27

Abel Beth Maacah in the Bible

By: Lauren Monroe

The large tell of Abel Beth Maacah holds tremendous promise, both for understanding the history of this multi-cultural arena, as well as for refining “Biblical archaeology” methods themselves.


Jul 15

Gender in Archaeology at Abel Beth Maacah

By: Lauren Monroe

Cornell University professor Lauren Monroe reflects on the lives of the women who once lived at Abel Beth Maacah as well as how motherhood has changed her experience on an archaeological dig.


Jul 29

Ashkelon’s Archaeology Curriculum 2014

By: Kerrie Rovito

Science teacher Kerrie Rovito describes her summer excavating at Ashkelon and what she will be bringing back to her students.


Jul 23

Life on the Shikhin Excavation Project

By: Kay Clements

Retired teacher Kay Clements, who is the registrar for the Shikhin Excavation Project, describes how her experiences at Shikhin have opened her eyes to the past.


Jul 23

Excavation Interrupted

By: Tracy Hoffman

Dr. Tracy Hoffman describes the end of the 2014 field season of the Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon, which was cut short by dramatic events in the region.


Jul 17

New Gate Discovered at Tel Lachish

By: Luke Chandler

Luke Chandler describes the discovery of a new gate on the Fourth Expedition to Lachish.


Jul 16

Ashkelon Midseason

By: Tracy Hoffman

For almost thirty years, the Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon has excavated at the ancient seaport of Ashkelon in Israel. Dr. Tracy Hoffman provides a midseason update on the 2014 excavations.


Jul 14

Huqoq 2014: Update from the Field

By: Jodi Magness and Karen Britt

Huqoq excavation director Jodi Magness and mosaics specialist Karen Britt discuss a new mosaic discovered during the 2014 excavation season.


Jul 10

Lachish Field Report: Ancient Jewelry, a Scarab and More

By: Luke Chandler

Luke Chandler describes the discovery of Late Bronze Age gold jewelry and an Egyptian scarab that may be inscribed with a Pharaoh’s name on the Fourth Expedition to Lachish.


Jul 9

Excavating in Jewish Galilee

By: James Riley Strange

Shikhin Excavation Project director James Riley Strange discusses the importance of the site of Shikhin, an ancient village in Jewish Galilee. Shikhin was an important Roman pottery production center closely tied to its larger neighbor, Sepphoris.