Post-Biblical Period

Post-Biblical Period

The Jerusalem Citadel

Nov 13

What Were the Crusades and How Did They Impact Jerusalem?

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

Some of the most famous churches in Jerusalem were built during the Christian Crusades by Crusaders wishing to memorialize sites they believed to have great Christian significance.


Sep 29

The Gospel of the Lots of Mary

By: Robin Ngo

AnneMarie Luijendijk has identified a previously unknown Late Antique text containing oracles called The Gospel of the Lots of Mary.


Sep 22

The Origin of Christianity

By: Noah Wiener

Geza Vermes explores the origin of Christianity by examining the characteristics of the Jewish Jesus movement to see how it developed into a distinctly gentile religion.

Stone inscribed, "Christ born of Mary"

Sep 20

Inscription, “Jesus, son of Mary,” found in Jezreel

By: Jonathan Laden

A stone, engraved in Greek, reading “Christ born of Mary.”,  was found at el-Taiyiba in the Jezreel Valley in the Upper Galilee. It had originally […]

Gospel of Thomas (Sayings of Jesus) from the Nag Hammadi

Sep 15

The Gospel of Thomas’s 114 Sayings of Jesus

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

Read the 114 sayings of Jesus from the Gospel of Thomas as translated by Stephen J. Patterson and James M. Robinson.

Aug 25

Lilith in the Bible and Mythology

By: Megan Sauter

Who were the original humans that God created in the Garden of Eden: Adam and Eve? Or Adam and Lilith? A close look at the opening chapters of Genesis—and ancient Jewish mythology—may suggest that Lilith came before Eve!


Aug 11

The Sayings of Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas

By: Robin Ngo

New Testament scholar Simon Gathercole examines what the sayings of Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas reveal about the early Christian world in which they were written.

Upper Room

Jul 26

Hunting for the Upper Room in Jerusalem

By: David Christian Clausen

The traditional location of the Upper Room, a site featured in the New Testament Gospels, is today placed on the southern end of Mount Zion […]

Jul 20

Where Was Moses Buried?

By: Marek Dospěl

Where was Moses buried? We don’t know exactly. Nor did the biblical writers: “Then Moses, the servant of the Lord, died there in the land of […]

Mariotto Albertinelli Jesus

Jun 25

When Was Jesus Born—B.C. or A.D.?

By: Megan Sauter

In which year was Jesus born? While this is sometimes debated, the majority of New Testament scholars place Jesus’ birth in 4 B.C. or before.