Bible Interpretation

Bible Interpretation

Nov 22

What Does the Bible Say About Infertility?

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

Joel S. Baden and Candida R. Moss analyze the Biblical portrayal of infertility in the Biblical Views column “Reevaluating Biblical Infertility.”

Nov 18

Laughter in the Bible? Absolutely!

By: Robin Gallaher Branch

Robin Gallaher Branch on the lighter side of the Bible.

The Sermon on the Mount. Ca. 1440-1445. Fresco.

Nov 9

Uncovering the Jewish Context of the New Testament

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

According to Jewish New Testament scholar Amy-Jill Levine, much if not all of the New Testament is Jewish literature.

Oct 19

What “God Is Love” Actually Means

By: Ben Witherington III

Over decades of studying the Bible, I’ve noted how much emphasis many scholars place on the adjectives used to describe the biblical God—God is righteous, […]


Oct 8

The Song of Songs: Love Is Strong as Death

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

The Song of Songs (or Song of Solomon) from the Hebrew Bible is a love song beyond compare—although it has been compared to everything. Some have deemed it lewd entertainment. Others have sung its praise.


Sep 14

Christmas Stories in Christian Apocrypha

By: Tony Burke

The modern Christmas nativity scene is drawn from apocryphal texts in addition to the infancy narratives of Matthew and Luke.

Sep 9

Who Is Satan?

By: John Gregory Drummond

Does our modern conception of Satan have any resemblance to the devil in the Bible? Just who is Satan?


Sep 5

The Virgin Mary and the Prophet Muhammad

By: Mary Joan Winn Leith

The Virgin Mary and the prophet Muhammad have a lot in common within their respective Christian and Islamic traditions, according to author Mary Joan Winn Leith.

Sep 2

What Happened to Cain in the Bible?

By: Megan Sauter

In the Book of Genesis, we are told about Cain’s birth, his violent act of fratricide and his subsequent exile. We learn that he married and had descendants, but the Bible is strangely mute about his death.

Gospel of Mary

Aug 19

Christian Apocrypha: The “Lost Gospels”?

By: Ellen White

The Christian apocrypha—noncanonical gospels—didn’t make the cut. But were they truly rejected, suppressed and destroyed? Until recent times there was no doubt. But now this “truth” may be unraveling. Many early Christians may have regarded these apocryphal texts as sacred.