Bible Interpretation

Bible Interpretation

"Animals Entering the Ark” tapestry

Aug 1

Who Was Noah’s Wife?

By: John Drummond

Eve, Sarah, Rebecca, Leah, and Rachel—the names of biblical matriarchs such as these have lived on long after they were first written down more than […]

Binding of Isaac Beth Alpha

Jul 29

The Binding or Sacrifice of Isaac

By: Robin M. Jensen

The story of the offering of Isaac is one of the most powerful narratives in the Hebrew Bible. But each tradition has understood and used the story differently and for varying purposes.

Jul 22

Eunuchs in the Bible

By: Megan Sauter

Stephen J. Patterson discusses what Jesus meant when he referred to “eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:11–12).

Abraham's Angels

Jul 22

Wordplay in Genesis

By: Philip D. Stern

It is no secret to students of the Bible that the ancient Hebrews loved plays on words. And nowhere in the Hebrew Bible are there […]

Lorenzo Lotto, The Nativity, 1523

Jul 18

Who Was Jesus’ Biological Father?

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

Was Joseph Jesus’ biological father? If not, who was Jesus’ biological father? Andrew Lincoln examines what early Christians thought about conception and explains how views about this subject have changed over time.

Parable of Talents

Jul 17

What Does the Parable of the Talents Mean?

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

Richard L. Rohrbaugh examines the Parable of the Talents’ meaning in his Biblical Views column “Reading the Bible Through Ancient Eyes” in BAR.


Jul 14

Were Mary and Joseph Married or Engaged at Jesus’ Birth?

By: Mark Wilson

Were Mary and Joseph married or engaged when they traveled to Bethlehem? Biblical scholar Mark Wilson examines what the gospels say in this Bible History Daily guest post.

Foster Bible Pictures

Jun 30

What Does the Bible Say About Infertility?

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

Joel S. Baden and Candida R. Moss analyze the Biblical portrayal of infertility in the Biblical Views column “Reevaluating Biblical Infertility.”

Codex Bezae

Jun 24

Does the Gospel of Mark Reveal Jesus’ Anger or His Compassion?

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

In the fifth-century C.E. Codex Bezae, an early edition of the New Testament written in Greek, the Gospel of Mark describes Jesus’ anger before healing a leper (Mark 1:41). While later scribes changed Jesus’ anger to compassion, it is likely that Codex Bezae preserves the original reading.


Jun 22

Job Challenges God by Suing: God Responds

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

After losing his health, wealth and children in inexplicable tragedies, the righteous and devout man Job questions God as to what he must have done to deserve such a heavy punishment. When he can think of nothing else, Job challenges God by suing God to provide evidence of his wrongdoing.