Biblical Sites & Places

Biblical Sites & Places

Wall of Biblical Jerusalem

Jul 29

Missing Wall of Biblical Jerusalem Discovered

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

Eastern section of Jerusalem’s Iron Age wall has been discovered.. It was uncovered in the City of David Archaeological Park, a short distance from the Temple Mount.

Jul 23

Lavish Second Temple “City Hall” Unveiled in Jerusalem

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

Earlier this month, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) revealed the excavations of a lavish first-century C.E. public building in Jerusalem. The building, located near the […]

Jul 19

Shark Week in Biblical Jerusalem?

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

While excavating a house dated to the reign of King David, an archaeology team made a shocking discovery, a cache of 29 fossilized shark teeth […]

Jul 12

A Virtual Visit to the “City of Mosaics”

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

With many people unable to travel during the past year, archaeological and tourism sites across the Middle East have faced extremely difficult times. The ancient […]

Jul 8

3 Pilgrimage Paths from Galilee to Jerusalem

By: Megan Sauter

To celebrate the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Passover), the Feast of Weeks (Shavuot), and the Feast of Booths (Sukkot), many Jews traveled to the Jerusalem […]

Ain Dara temple

Jun 16

Searching for the Temple of King Solomon

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

The black basalt ruins of the Iron Age temple discovered at ’Ain Dara in northern Syria offer the closest known parallel to the Temple of King Solomon in the Bible.


Jun 12

The Doorways of Solomon’s Temple

By: Megan Sauter

In the Bible, the inner shrine of Solomon’s Temple is described as having five mezuzot. What are they? The question has puzzled Biblical scholars for centuries. Does a recently discovered shrine model from Khirbet Qeiyafa hold the answer?

The Bethesda Pool, Site of One of Jesus’ Miracles

Jun 6

The Bethesda Pool, Site of One of Jesus’ Miracles

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

The Bethesda Pool, where Jesus heals the paralytic man in the Gospel of John, is a complex site. It appears to have been a mikveh, or ritual bath.

May 30

Wilderness Wanderings: Where is Kadesh?

By: Robin Ngo

According to the Bible, the Israelites stayed at a place called Kadesh-Barnea following their Exodus from Egypt and wanderings through the desert. Where is Kadesh-Barnea?

extensive excavations in the northwestern part of Tel Beth Shemesh

May 28

The Other Side of Beth Shemesh

By: Boaz Gross

 Tel Beth Shemesh was one of the first biblical sites to be excavated in the Land of Israel. The site is perched on a low […]