Nov 30

When Was the Hebrew Bible Written?

By: Robin Ngo

When was the Hebrew Bible written? Ostraca with Hebrew inscriptions excavated from the Iron Age fortress at Arad in Israel may provide clues, say researchers from Tel Aviv University.


Sep 28

King Hezekiah in the Bible: Royal Seal of Hezekiah Comes to Light

By: Robin Ngo

For the first time, the royal seal of King Hezekiah in the Bible has been found in an archaeological excavation.


Sep 5

The Tel Dan Inscription: The First Historical Evidence of King David from the Bible

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

Few modern Biblical archaeology discoveries have attracted as much attention as the Tel Dan inscription—writing on a ninth-century B.C. stone slab (or stela) that furnished the first historical evidence of King David from the Bible.

Aug 25

Why Mesha’s “House of David” Remains Hypothetical 

By: Matthieu Richelle and Andrew Burlingame 

In their article, “Mesha’s Stele and the House of David” (BAR, Winter 2022), André Lemaire and Jean-Philippe Delorme argue that the reading btdwd (“House of […]

Aug 25

The Mesha Stele and King David

By: Various Authors

In his 1994 Biblical Archaeology Review article, acclaimed epigrapher André Lemaire first proposed that the ninth-century BCE Mesha Stele from ancient Moab includes a reference […]

Jul 25

The Earliest Evidence of Christianity in Arabia?

By: Marek Dospěl

Before the emergence of Islam in the early seventh century, Arabia was home to a different monotheistic faith. Centuries before Muhammad, some ancient Arabian tribes […]

Oldest Written Canaanite Sentence Found

Jun 25

Oldest Canaanite Sentence Found

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

The oldest Canaanite sentence has been discovered at the site of Tel Lachish, according to an article published in the Jerusalem Journal of Archaeology. The […]

May 31

Shifting Borders?

By: Robert A. Mullins

Five faded letters inscribed on a storage jar is all the textual evidence we have from ninth-century BCE Abel Beth Maacah in the far north […]

May 26

Defending the “House of David”

By: André Lemaire and Jean-Philippe Delorme

In our article “Mesha’s Stele and the House of David” (Biblical Archaeology Review, Winter 2022), we showed that new photographs of the stone and the […]

May 19

An Early Israelite Curse Inscription from Mt. Ebal?

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

This is an update to our original coverage of the Mt. Ebal inscription as first published in Bible History Daily on April 25, 2022. In […]