Nov 29

When Was the Hebrew Bible Written?

By: Robin Ngo

When was the Hebrew Bible written? Ostraca with Hebrew inscriptions excavated from the Iron Age fortress at Arad in Israel may provide clues, say researchers from Tel Aviv University.

The Black Obelisk

Nov 25

The Kurkh Monolith and Black Obelisk

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

This is the first part of an exclusive Bible History Daily series on historical texts that are important for understanding the history and world of […]

Nov 18

What Does the Mesha Stele Say?

By: André Lemaire

The Mesha Stele details the victories of King Mesha of Moab over the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. It was found at Dibon, the capital […]

Oldest Written Canaanite Sentence Found

Nov 11

Oldest Canaanite Sentence Found

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

The oldest Canaanite sentence has been discovered at the site of Tel Lachish, according to an article published in the Jerusalem Journal of Archaeology. The […]


Sep 27

The Oldest Hebrew Script and Language

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

In a BAR article, epigraphy scholar Christopher Rollston asks a seemingly straightforward question: What is the oldest Hebrew inscription?

Sep 16

Israel Claims Rare Paleo-Hebrew Papyrus Recovered

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

According to the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), an incredibly rare papyrus with Paleo-Hebrew text dating to the time of the First Temple has been recovered […]

Aug 24

Examining the Greek Psalms

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

The use of passages from the Book of Psalms as decorative motifs is a common practice today, but this is by no means a new […]

Jul 24

Precursor to Paleo-Hebrew Script Discovered in Jerusalem

By: Robin Ngo

Alan Millard examines the Proto-Canaanite script of the earliest alphabetic text ever found in Jerusalem. What can it tell us about literacy during the time of David and Solomon?

The Jerubbaal inscription

Jul 21

Archaeological Evidence of Gideon the Judge?

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

Archaeologists officially announced the discovery of a 3,100-year-old inscription from the site of Khirbet al-Ra‘i that may be evidence of Gideon the Judge. Khirbet al-Ra‘i, […]

Jul 12

Early Christian Amulets: Between Faith and Magic

By: Marek Dospěl

Just like their pagan neighbors, Jesus’s followers of the first Christian centuries would commonly resort to protection amulets to guard themselves from illness and any kind of harm.