Sep 13

Precursor to Paleo-Hebrew Script Discovered in Jerusalem

By: Robin Ngo

Alan Millard examines the Proto-Canaanite script of the earliest alphabetic text ever found in Jerusalem. What can it tell us about literacy during the time of David and Solomon?

City of Palmyra

Jul 20

Latin Over Aramaic?

By: Marek Dospěl

The ancient oasis city of Palmyra—located northeast of Damascus in present-day Syria—abounds with archaeological treasures of the Hellenistic and Roman periods. Owing to its crucial […]


Jul 3

The Oldest Hebrew Script and Language

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

In a BAR article, epigraphy scholar Christopher Rollston asks a seemingly straightforward question: What is the oldest Hebrew inscription?

Ark Tablet

Jun 14

The Animals Went in Two by Two, According to Babylonian Ark Tablet

By: Noah Wiener

A recently translated Old Babylonian flood tablet describes how to build a circular ark.


Jun 9

King Hezekiah in the Bible: Royal Seal of Hezekiah Comes to Light

By: Robin Ngo

For the first time, the royal seal of King Hezekiah in the Bible has been found in an archaeological excavation.


May 4

When Was the Hebrew Bible Written?

By: Robin Ngo

When was the Hebrew Bible written? Ostraca with Hebrew inscriptions excavated from the Iron Age fortress at Arad in Israel may provide clues, say researchers from Tel Aviv University.

Apr 1

When Was the Bible Written?

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

Also known as the Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible was composed over a long span of time. Numerous opinions exist as to when the earliest […]

Feb 22

Was Pontius Pilate’s Ring Discovered at Herodium?

By: Robert Cargill

Thorough cleaning and advances in photographic technology have shed new light on this discovery.

Sample Samaria Inscriptions

Feb 3

Samaria Inscriptions from King Omri’s Dynasty

By: Jonathan Laden

Researchers conclude, based on handwriting analysis, that 31 of the Samaria inscriptions were written by two scribes. This supports the theory that literacy was not widespread in the Northern Kingdom of Israel, 2,800 years ago.

Jan 15

3,000-Year-Old Hebrew Inscription Discovered

By: Jonathan Laden

A Hebrew inscription on a jar unearthed at Tel Abel Beth Macaah may resolve a long-running dispute about the extent of Israelite territory in the […]