Dead Sea Scrolls

Dead Sea Scrolls


Mar 16

Fake Dead Sea Scrolls Exposed

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

The Museum of the Bible holds 16 fragments of reputed Dead Sea Scrolls in their collection. On Friday, March 13, 2020, a study revealed that […]

Mar 4

Aramaic Memories of Daniel Recovered from the Dead Sea Scrolls

By: Andrew Perrin

Daniel is unique in the Hebrew Scriptures for several reasons. The book is a linguistic hybrid of Aramaic and Hebrew. Its collection of court tales […]

Feb 20

The Timely and Timeless Message of Hope

By: Andrew Perrin

The Qumran group is famously described as “an apocalyptic community that didn’t write apocalypses.” Yet, as we now know, their library not only included their […]

Feb 12

Lost Books, Scribal Authority, and Abraham against the Egyptians in Genesis Apocryphon

By: Andrew Perrin

Any time that a character in the Bible discovers, accesses, or writes a book, it’s significant. Yet are these mentions of media about an actual […]

Jar Lid Showing Papyrus Residue

Dec 6

Decayed Papyrus Hints that More Dead Sea Scrolls Remain

By: Jonathan Laden

The owner of the lid thought that it was contaminated by hardened bat dung. However, the residue was from papyrus. A jar probably fell, dislodging the lid; the papyrus Dead Sea Scrolls then decomposed over the intervening centuries before modern discovery.


Nov 27

The Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament

By: Megan Sauter

What do the Dead Sea Scrolls say about Jesus? What do they say about the world in which Jesus lived? In BAR, James C. VanderKam examines the overlap between the Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament.


Oct 2

The Aramaic Afterlives of Genesis’s Giants

By: Andrew Perrin

The mention of giants before the flood in Genesis 6:4 has been both a source of imagination and interpretation down through the centuries. This curious passage, however, was the departure point for Aramaic exegesis that answered the question of the origins and end of all evil.

Sep 25

What is Pseudepigraphy and How Did It Shape Scripture?

By: Andrew Perrin

There are many voices in scripture, yet seldom do we hear that of scribes. One strategy ancient Jewish scribes used to transmit and create works was the practice of pseudepigraphy. What was it, how did it work, and why did it breathe new life into overlooked biblical characters?

Codex Gigas

Sep 11

Aramaic Biographies of Angels and Demons

By: Andrew Perrin

Part of the challenge and opportunity of studying the Bible is that, while it often feels familiar, it comes from a foreign context. The texts […]

Google, Israel Museum Put Dead Sea Scrolls Online

Sep 10

Dead Sea Scrolls Online: IAA Expands Digital Library

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

The Israel Antiquities Authority launched the updated Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library, a website that allows visitors to view and search high-resolution images of the complete Dead Sea Scrolls archive online.